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Scotty Brand, the umbrella brand for premium seasonal Scottish produce, will be introducing its new seasonal lines into selected supermarkets as well as Dobbie’s Garden Centres and Wholefoods throughout the summer.

Logo---hi-resKey products hitting the shelves this summer include strawberries, raspberries, Ayrshire new potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes and the new seasonal vegetables packs.

First to make an appearance on the shelves will be Scotty Brand’s crisp and tasty lettuce collection available in three varieties:

Scotty Brand Iceberg lettuce – the dense, round head of crisp, pale leaves with a mild flavour counterbalances other ingredients typically found in a salad

Scotty Brand Romaine lettuce – this variety is long and tall with thick leaves and a stiff central rib. The outer leaves are usually slightly bitter, whilst the inner leaves are sweeter and usually more delicate

Scotty Brand Little gem – this is a miniature version of a Cos lettuce, with a sweet, crisp and compact heart

Scotty Brand lettuce is provided by Kettle Produce, based in the small village of Balmalcolm. The Company works with a variety of farmers across Scotland to grow vegetable and salad crops. Its farmers have generations of experience and cultivate some of the best arable land in the country.

The lettuce season in Scotland runs from June to August and Scotty Brand’s three products will be available in ASDA’s Scottish stores throughout the summer

Scotty Brand Raspberries and Strawberries

Scotty Brand raspberries and strawberries are grown and packed in Scotland by Bruce Farms. The Perthshire region is renowned for its soft fruit; the light, fertile soil, long summer days and mild nights provide the perfect conditions for growing sweet, juicy berries. An on-site packing hall means the fruit is picked, packed and despatched rapidly, so the strawberries and raspberries reach stores at their freshest.

Strawberries-new-design-mock-up-060312-(2)Scotty Brand Strawberries are available in 300g packs between June and September. A highly nutritious fruit, Scotty’s raspberries are available in 180g packs and ripe for picking in July and August.

Scotty Brand strawberries and raspberries are available in ASDA nationwide, Morrison’s stores in Scotland as well as Dobbie’s Garden Centres in England.

Scotty Brand Ayrshire New Potatoes

New potatoes are, as the name suggests, the first of the new crop. Ayrshire in Scotland provides some of the finest new potatoes grown in Scotland, which are in season from June to early September.

Iceberg-mock-up-(2)Today, Scotty Brand is behind the drive to widen the distribution of Ayrshire new Potatoes putting them firmly back on the map beside Jersey and Cornish in the UK Market.

Michael Jarvis, marketing manager for Scotty Brand commented: “Ayrshire is an ideal location to grow early potatoes because of its proximity to the south west coast of Scotland, which benefits from the warming waters of the Gulf Stream. Potatoes are extremely versatile whether cooked on their own and served with butter, baked in olive oil or served as a potato salad.”

Scotty Brand Ayrshire new potatoes will be available in 750g packs in ASDA nationwide as well as Morrison’s, Tesco’s, Waitrose and Wholefoods in Scotland from late June.

Scotty Brand Tomatoes

Scotty Brand Scottish tomatoes are a new addition to the Scotty portfolio and come in a 500g selection pack:

The Scotty Brand Special Selection pack contains a colourful selection of versatile tomatoes. The selection includes Encore, a large slicing tomato, with a great firm texture. Ardilles, a medium plum with a full flavour and juicy texture, and Lajaune Yellow cherries which add great colour. They will be available in Dobbies Garden Centres in England.

Summer Vegetable packs

These delicious summer prepared vegetable packs are freshly produced and packed in Scotland by Kettle Produce, based in the small village of Balmalcolm. Its farmers have generations of experience and cultivate some of the best arable land in the country.

Brandbank-Mixed-veg-out-of-pack-shot-(2)The perfect partner for summer dining, the two varieties of 250g summer vegetable packs are:

• Summer Vegetables with Mint Butter – This pack is a refreshing mix of cabbage, broccoli and peas. As the vegetables cook, the mint butter melts and imparts a subtle flavour to the dish – ideal accompaniment to barbequed pork and Chunky Scotty potato wedges.

• Mixed Vegetables with Seasoned Butter -This is a delicious combination of carrot, broccoli and cauliflower with seasoned butter, which adds a delicate herby flavour to the vegetables – great with steamed     fish and boiled new Ayrshire potatoes.

Scotty Brand has just won the ‘Success Through Working In Partnerships’ award at the Scotland Food and Drink Awards last month. This award was made in recognition for the way Scotty Brand has brought together producers and processors to develop a great tasting range, delivering authentic Scottish provenance.

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