Nobody should delay reviewing their fuel eggspenses, according to The Fuelcard People. Steve Clarke, group marketing manager, said, “People set dates for doing things, but why say, ‘We will review after Easter,’ if eggstra savings could be available immediately? Make the right changes before the Easter bunny does his rounds and start the parade of eggscellent benefits now.”

Easter Basket[2]

Too many fuel card users have all their eggs in one basket and rarely chick them. Looking for a better deal might sound less fun than hunting for chocolate goodies, but it can be a lot quicker. “You can check the whole fuel card market in less time than it takes to eat a slice of Simnel cake or decorate a bonnet,” said Steve Clarke, “and pass over the unsuitable ones. Good Friday means the day, each week, when you find out how little refuelling will cost nationwide for the next seven days.”

He pointed out the importance of matching fuel cards to individual refuelling requirements. “Fuel cards are not all the same,” he said, “and some of them have hidden surprises, like transaction charges. The wrong fuel card, from the wrong supplier, is about as much use a wilted daffodil. Achieving the maximum cost savings is only possible if you have an eggsxact match with your specific needs.”

He said, “No matter how many other Easter cards your postman pours onto your doorstep, the eggstremely important one will be the new fuel card that brings real cost savings.”

The Fuelcard People
0844 870 6942

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