The health crisis has had a significant impact on the way that consumers shop with many reducing the frequency of their shopping trips to larger retailers or shopping online whenever possible. Lockdown has also increased the number of in-home eating occasions[ii], which means consumers are increasingly looking for convenient, good quality products and in particular staples like bread and bakery. The Paul Hollywood Ready to Bake Range has seen sales surge during lockdown with value sales growing by over 130% in the last three months[ii], which indicates a strong consumer need to consistently have store cupboard favourites like bread in the home. The Paul Hollywood Ready to Bake Range also has a longer shelf-life, allowing consumers to have freshly baked bread whenever they want it.

Jeremy Gilboy, Founder, St Pierre Groupe, comments: “The recent sales increase during the health crisis has further strengthened Paul Hollywood’s position as the biggest brand in the part-baked category in the UK[ii]. It is evident that consumers are seeking quality bakery items that have a generous shelf-life and are convenient, meaning part-baked ranges like Paul Hollywood’s Ready to Bake rolls are a must-stock for retailers. They not only reduce shopping trips, but they also provide consumers with the quick and simple pleasure of having baked bread fresh from the oven that’s ready in under ten minutes. The Paul Hollywood Ready to Bake range also benefits retailers, as its longer shelf-life can reduce food waste in-store.”

The Paul Hollywood Ready to Bake Rolls make the perfect accompaniment to a number of meals, as well as the basis for dishes themselves. The range is available in the multiple channel, with a recent listing in Morrisons and convenience channels. The range includes 4 Crusty Rolls RRP: £1.40 and 4 Rustic Rolls RRP: £1.70

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