weetabix.jpgThe Weetabix Food Company this week launched its inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility policy, making clear pledges to reduce the size of its carbon footprint, reduce energy and continue to meet guidelines on nutrition and labelling. Working with the Carbon Trust, The Weetabix Food Company has set realistic targets to reach over the coming years and intends to monitor and publish annually against those ambitions. Ken Wood, CEO at Weetabix Ltd, explained: “The vision we have is to implement a policy that will really make a difference. We promise to review our role in shaping the health of the nation through good nutrition whilst protecting environmental resources.

“We recognise that consumers are demanding greater sustainability and, although we have a proven track record of local sourcing , we have decided that the time is right to state our position and what we hope to achieve.”

As well as energy efficiency, as a food manufacturer The Weetabix Food Company has also considered its position on packaging, marketing, labelling and nutrition and signed up to the FDF “Five Fold Ambition”, demonstrating commitment to making significant reductions in water usage.

Packaging is a significant target area for the company with, currently, over 90% of packaging (by weight) recyclable and all of its paper based packaging using at least 90% recycled fibres. The company is a signatory to the Courtauld commitment, a voluntary agreement to reducing the amount of packaging waste by the grocery sector.

“Overall”, explains Wood, “this has been an exercise in realising that we already do some good work in this arena but there are areas we can improve and are making commitments to do so. We are going to take this one step at a time to implement a policy that will really make a difference.”

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