bt_reflex.jpgA Toyota survey of European truck users has sent a clear message to manufacturers that safety is their number one priority when selecting a reach truck. Toyota Material Handling has responded to customer expectations with the launch of the next generation of the BT Reflex reach truck.

From a major chassis redesign, to small details such as the position of the emergency button, every aspect of the truck has been re-examined to ensure the Reflex sets new standards for reach truck safety.

A clear view of the forks, load and operating area enables drivers to manoeuvre confidently and safely. The chassis of the Reflex has been re-designed to improve visibility throughout a 360° rotation. A low profile console slopes away from the driver affording a clear view of the forks and support arms, whilst a re-positioning of electrical components allows a low chassis profile around the driver giving an unrestricted view and sensation of space.

An elliptical post supports the overhead guard, causing minimum obstruction to the operator’s forward vision, whilst a curved profile and cut out panel improve ability to detect motion to the rear. The operator is seated comfortably within the profile of the chassis giving protection from falling objects and collision with the racking.

A fan shaped overhead guard with angled bars, painted black to reduce glare, allows a clear view of the load at height. However for operations that require intensive work at greater heights, the option of a tilting cab helps to protect from strain injuries. Unique to BT, the tilting cab positions the seat and console in synchronisation as the forks gain height, allowing the operator to view the load without craning their neck and shoulders.

With pin code access as standard across the range, managers can be confident that only authorised employees can operate the truck. Performance levels can even be tailored to individual drivers, protecting less experienced staff whilst allowing expert operators the full productivity gains of increased acceleration and travel speeds.

For high intensity operations who wish to offer their team the highest level of safety, Toyota offers a Safety+ option, providing optimised truck performance in relation to the load weight and lift height helping to improve the stability of the truck. Load weight and height indicators help the operator to position the forks accurately and safely.

Miles Griffin, Marketing Manager, Toyota Material Handling concludes: “As part of the development process, Toyota commissioned independent researchers to investigate the key purchase criteria of thousands of truck users. They told us unequivocally that safety was their number one priority. We believe that more than 60 years of BT warehouse experience, coupled with Toyota’s manufacturing expertise has combined to produce one of the safest reach trucks on the market. But critically, the Reflex doesn’t ask our customers to compromise on the highest levels of productivity and drivability, all supported by the quality of engineering inherent in every Toyota product.”

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