Promeroll, Merley Paper Converters’ industry leading promotional marketing receipts, have been helping leading UK retailers and on-trade operators alike turn their plain white till rolls into colourful mini posters, providing massive support for their marketing programmes.

Here are just a few of the Promeroll testimonials that Barry Jones and his colleagues have collected from satisfied retailers. To hear more about how Promerolls can help you meet your marketing and brand objectives or to be considered for a free 56,000 x 200mm receipt trial, contact Merley Paper Converters today – 01536 274273.


Retail Referral 1


Raise customer awareness of the retailer’s Loyalty Card among customers and potential new customers

Retailer’s comment: “We decided to use Promeroll as a new way to introduce our Loyalty Card to customers. When Merley highlighted the millions of promotional images that could be delivered by using Promeroll Marketing Receipts, it was a great opportunity and one that our marketing team wanted to pursue. Our customers have reacted very positively, and we believe the Promeroll was a major factor in helping us achieve this.

“The flexibility of being able to produce quantities, suitable to match our marketing campaigns, has allowed us to use Promeroll as an effective way to inform customers about our promotional activities. Promeroll now forms an integral part of our marketing calendar, as it offers a unique way of reminding our customers of our promotions and offers, even after they have left our outlets.”

Retailer referral 2

Retailer’s comment: “We had been looking for someone who could ensure the delivery of quality receipts on a regular basis, as well as being able to process cost-efficient customisation of receipts.

“Merley Paper were able to propose all this, and during this year have provided high levels of customer service. Their studio has also been very forthcoming in proposing different solutions for artwork based on their experience with other retailers and their marketing campaigns.

“While we are still measuring the results, we have been able to notice a tangible increase in sales on our online services that we are promoting on the back of our receipts.”

Retailer referral 3

Retailer’s comment: “Promeroll helped us promote our gift vouchers over a key period of the year. The sales of these items in this period increased by 9.2%, on like for like sales of the previous year.

“Initially, our customer receipt was changed from a plain white receipt to our corporate colours, which made it highly visible, and we received very positive feedback from customers. With over 3,750,000 images per month, we saw the benefits of using Promeroll and have now introduced several different versions as part of our on-going marketing campaigns.

Promeroll is now a major element of our promotional marketing plan, and we intend to look at other ways that we can utilise this unique product.”

Retailer referral 4

Retailer’s comment: “Merley particularly impressed us with their idea of upgrading our old single colour EPOS rolls with their Promeroll branded receipt paper, which strongly highlighted our corporate refund policy while also helping to attack copied receipt fraud.

“Their in-house studio pro-actively helped us design high impact Promeroll receipts, which far exceeded our initial expectations and have been well received by my colleagues and our retail customers. As a result, our business is actively discussing extending the use of Promeroll receipts to fully leverage the opportunities our EPOS receipts can now deliver.”

Retailer referral 5

Retailer’s comment: “Merley approached us with the idea of upgrading our EPOS rolls with their Promeroll branded receipt paper, and proactively produced some concept designs that would reinforce our corporate refund policy, advertise our web address and also help prevent copied receipt fraud.

“We are very encouraged by the performance of Promeroll receipts, and have requested that Merley continues to work very closely with our buying and marketing teams in order to maximise the potential benefit to our business.”


Bella Italia, Weymouth

“In the month of February we have registered growth of nearly 25% on last year and, the campaign is still paying off as many customers are still coming in with the vouchers and some others are now becoming regulars. Thanks to the promotion, they have got to know our restaurant.” – Alessandro Bertie, Manager

Hungry Horse, Bitterne

“Hungry Horse, part of Greene King Pub Company, has run two major campaigns with regards to Morrison’s till receipt vouchers.

“In each campaign over 20 Hungry Horses took part nationally, and the return has been exceptional. We have also run smaller campaigns when and where opportunities arise. We use voucher promotions tactically, and some businesses have shown double-digit like for like growth during the time of the promotion. Till receipt vouchers are an excellent way to grow the top line.” – Simon Kidd, Business Development

Old Orleans, Barbican Leisure Park, Plymouth

“Our recent 2 for 1 on main meals campaign with Promeroll ran from February to April, with excellent results. The restaurant received approximately 100 vouchers each week. The whole campaign saw over 1,000 vouchers redeemed, and with an average table spend of £45, this type of advertising worked excellently at greatly increasing our takings.” – Jonathan Wigg, General Manager

Spinney Hill, Northampton:

“A very good promotion, we received around 700 vouchers per week in our restaurant.“ – G. Murison, Manager

Wheatsheaf Hotel, Baslow:

“We have had great success this year with Promeroll, with January profits increasing some 73.5%. We are currently redeeming approximately 34 vouchers per day Monday to Friday, 3pm-9pm. This gives us an additional 68 persons through our doors every day with our 2 for 1 offer.” – Shane Watson, Manager, Wheatsheaf Hotel, Baslow, part of Marstons Inns & Taverns Spinney Hill, Northampton

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