Premier Foods’ brands McDougall’s and Hovis will be helping those looking to create bread and cakes from scratch and keep their recipes as healthy as possible with a new line-up of added wholegrain flours. The healthier flour options will fill the current gap in the category for a healthier flour option, without compromise on great taste or baking results.

McDougall’s 30% Wholegrain flour, available in Plain or Self Raising variants, tastes and bakes just like white flour, while also containing almost twice the fibre content of white flour. This means it is perfect to add to existing recipes with no need to adapt your favourite recipes. Hovis’ Best of Both Bread Flour offers mass appeal from a well-recognised, sign-post brand known for its bread credentials and is a rich source of fibre and calcium for added health benefits. Health is playing a vital role across consumer usage and attitude need states currently[1]. We have seen a massive move to healthier options in other categories, however there is still a huge opportunity for home baking ingredients that is yet to be unlocked.

The launches will allow bakers the opportunity to make a simple, healthier swap and create category growth by making healthier baking more accessible and easier, unlike current niche offerings that require a change to recipes and don’t always deliver on taste. McDougall’s and Hovis are well loved, family favourite brands, in the home baking category, and consumers can be confident that these familiar, trusted brands will provide great-tasting products. With the product concepts testing strong amongst shoppers, they will drive category penetration and value with those looking to bake from scratch healthier.

[1] Baking U&A Study, Dec 17,Toluna, 1000 P6M users of baking products

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