Partner Tech UK’s EM-200 tablet computer and OT-200 handheld terminal each offers a total mobile solution that links the back of store with the shop floor and gives retailers complete control over stock and sales.

Both technologies have been designed and built to fulfil a variety of retail tasks, including point of sale, stock checking, picking and replenishing, and bypass the need for multiple pieces of equipment or software packages.

“We set out to help our retail customers streamline their stock management operations with a single piece of technology that was tough enough to withstand busy retail and warehousing environments and provided the software functionality to complete crucial stock management tasks,” explains Partner Tech UK Managing Director, Tim Van den Branden.

“In the OT-200 and EM-200, we have created two truly mobile solutions that are designed to drive productivity in any modern retail operation.”

The 10” EM-200 tablet computer provides the added functionality of a full-blown PoS till system, which can be used for queue busting or mobile retail. It can be taken into a back of store or warehouse environment to perform sales analysis, stock taking and remote ordering, as well as scanning, picking and shipping tasks. Shop-floor data, including sales and shelf stock, can be gathered and used by staff in the store room or warehouse without the need to be reconfigured or transferred onto another software platform.

Thanks to its full port and network connectivity, the EM-200 can also be used alongside any network printer to run management reports, or a mobile printer to create shelf-edge labelling and picking lists for home delivery or to replenish stock for a mobile retail operation.

Fit for purpose

Both technologies offer retailers clear benefits over similar tablets targeted at consumers, as Tim Van den Branden explains:

“The emergence of the consumer tablet and PDA has generated keen interest from the retail sector, but in practice deploying consumer technologies in a commercial setting is often fraught with obstacles.

“Developing retail-specific applications to work on consumer technologies is difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Unlike most consumer tablets and PDAs, the EM-200 and OT-200 use full Windows-based operating systems which make them compatible with a host of commercial software and ensure a smooth user interface.

“Our solutions have been designed to work with every peripheral a retailer might need, including docking stations, card readers, printers and Bluetooth scanners. They have also been built to endure busy retail settings with resistive touch-panel screens to withstand dust and spills and reinforced casings to protect against day to day bumps and scuffs.”

Partner Tech UK

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