PARK LiFE Pet Ltd are heading into 2023 with love in the air. The producers of grain free natural dog treats will be making its debut in Sainsbury’s with its Love-Bix Red Berry natural dog biscuits as part of a Valentine’s Day promotion.

Sharing the Love with Love-Bix

This means Sainsbury’s shoppers can treat their best friends with playful snacks that are sure to get their tails wagging. The tasty Love-Bix are heart shaped red berry cookies with no added sugar, ideal as a daytime snack. Endless fun is twinned with wholesome goodness as PARK LiFE ensure all ingredients are 100% natural and delicious. supplied in 300g recyclable packs, the quality of the ingredients means these biscuits have great nutritional value, good enough for humans to eat in fact! As a result, dog lovers can show their pups love with tasty guilt free dog treats.

Love-Bix is the perfect treat for dogs of all ages, and the perfect way owners can show them how much they care on Valentine’s Day! The Sainsbury’s promotion will come on the back of other seasonal success, in the form of the launch of Jolly-Bix, a special edition Christmas treat that was launched in 2022 and will returning in 2023.

PARK LiFE Jolly-Bix is a Christmas tree shaped biscuit in a Turkey and Cranberry flavour. With Jolly-Bix, dog lovers can treat their pups with this fantastic stocking filler treat. Dog owners can say “Yappy Christmas” with a novel gift tag area on the back of the packaging to personalise the box of treats prior to wrapping. Like the rest of the PARK LiFE range, it has great nutritional value, with a ‘Happy Belly Promise.’ This is because Jolly-Bix is grain-free, 100% Natural, and high in protein.

2022 was a fantastic year that saw PARK LiFE achieve listings in differing sizes of retailers including Costco, Jollyes and Robert Dyas. Some of these listings have also been supported by point of sale, including bespoke pre-loaded merchandisers. As part of the Sainsbury’s Valentine’s promotion PARK LiFE pet treats will be going mainstream by breaking out of the pet aisle into a prominent seasonal location.

Fris-Bix just got even tastier!

Fris-Bix, are the World’s First “Frisbee” shaped dog biscuits, ideal for throwing, catching, and playful snacking. They have been designed with aerodynamic grooves to ensure they fly well, up to 40 ft in fact! The uniqueness of Fris-Bix has led to industry awards, with PARK LiFE winning best new pet product at the 2022 Glee show earlier this year. The product is now available in a range of delicious flavours, including Original Super Seeds, and the NEW! Chicken & Veg, and Peanut Butter. These new flavours have passed the PARK LiFE doggy taste test and are available to stock today!

To discuss the range, new flavours and how PARK LiFE can support your promotions in 2023 please get in touch today @ Visit to view the PARK LiFE range in full.

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