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  • Opies new range of pickles includes Silverskin Onions with Turmeric & Mustard Seeds, Silverskin Onions with Red Wine Vinegar and Pickled Pears.
  • Launching in September, the new range is exclusively available at Sainsbury’s and injects excitement into the pickled veg aisle.
  • Delicious new pickles at an everyday price point: perfect with cheese and charcuterie as well as a quick store cupboard standby for rich, hearty meat or vegetable stews and more. There are clever ways to use the precious pickling liquor too. 

With the cost of living at an all-time high, every penny certainly counts and the food we put into our shopping baskets needs to work harder than ever before to inspire us, deliver great flavour and help minimise any potential food waste.  Opies have just launched three delicious new pickles that will effortlessly transform all types of menus: Silverskin Onions with Turmeric & Mustard Seeds, Silverskin Onions with Red Wine Vinegar and Pickled Pears. Each offer a plethora of culinary possibilities that will spark creativity – with no leftovers or waste.

The Silverskin Onions with Turmeric & Mustard Seeds are vibrantly yellow in colour and surprisingly sweet, with a back note of earthiness from the turmeric and  a final pop of spice from the mustard seeds. As well as serving with a cheeseboard or alongside a ploughman’s, try blitzing the onions in a food processor with a little of the vinegar, a couple of sprigs of fresh coriander and a smidge of fresh chilli for a quick accompaniment to bhajis, poppadoms or samosas.

The small, crunchy Silverskin Onions with Red Wine Vinegar make a pretty addition to any sharing platter thanks to their pink hue. They deliver a different flavour profile to traditional pickled onions as the red wine vinegar has a robust yet fruity taste. As well as a welcome addition to cheese, the onions can be added to a classic Beef Bourguignon for a pop of tart flavour and welcome crunch. Any leftover vinegar will add tang to a sauteed vegetable or spicy sausage pasta sauce.

The Pickled Pears have a warming and full-bodied flavour which comes from the malt vinegar spiked with an unmistakeable blend of cinnamon, allspice and clove spices.  These whole delicate baby pears perfectly accompany cold meats, such as pork or beef as well as enjoyed sliced with sheeps’ milk cheese like Pecorino or Manchego. They also really hold their own when enjoyed alongside a sturdy blue cheese such as Gorgonzola or Stilton. For a quick dinner recipe, bake a ready-rolled puff pastry sheet topped with gorgonzola, pickled pears and figs.

The new range of pickles can be found in the pickle aisle in Sainsbury’s stores and priced at £2 RRP.

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