UK tooled and manufactured, the OakRA (Oakland Returnable Asset) sustainable and reusable packaging solution is gaining interest from the business community as temperatures start to rise ahead of the summer.

The OakRA has been put through its paces to evaluate its thermal performance at a range of ambient temperatures, including up to 36 degrees centigrade to mimic the hottest of days. Cooling solutions assessed include ice packs, gel packs, eutectic packs, and dry ice. With walls averaging 3cm thick, and thermal dividers for use as required, the OakRA provides exceptional levels of insultation.

Oakland Group Innovation Officer Lindsay Winser said: “OakRA delivered outstanding performance across all tests including motion transit and drop tests, where vulnerable products such as bottles of wine remained protected.

“Added to this we have a tight friction fit lid, and recesses for banding wraps to provide real confidence that perishable goods have not been tampered with. Whilst these design qualities make the OakRA a practical alternative to cardboard and insulate, perfect for the direct delivery market, it is the reusability that is at the heart of the OakRA concept.”

During the two-year development process, design details such as label placement, adhesive testing for permanent asset tags, scuff resistant outer texture, and design to facilitate secure stacking have all been considered. A closed loop returnable asset solution, it delivers a substantial reduction in wasted packaging per unit used. OakRA operates through an asset tracking portal and has a unique RFID tag on each unit. A radical move forward in the delivery experience for the consumer OakRA also uses a simple return process.

Developed and launched by Oakland International, a 24-hours/7 days a week D2C/B2C/B2B operator in contract packing, storage, picking, food distribution, and a brand development support provider for ambient, chilled, and frozen food to the retail, convenience, discount, wholesale and food service markets in the UK, Ireland and via their partner in Spain.

Lindsay added: “We’re delighted with OakRA’s performance and by how it’s been received. Every sustainable option and solution have been incorporated or considered, including future end of life, as we set out to develop a solution that was not simply good enough but wholly sustainable.”

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