Seymour Manufacturing International’s Cold-Stop® curtains used in supermarket cold rooms and chillers can save the same amount of carbon in a year as driving a family car up to 20,000 miles.

The startling figures were revealed by SMI as part of research into the effectiveness of Cold-Stop® curtains, which are made using thermal protection material Tempro®.

Tempro is unchallenged in the marketplace for its thermal barrier effectiveness, with Cold-Stop® saving 25 per cent of the energy consumed in chilled conditions and a staggering 33 per cent in freezers.

Chairman of Midlands-based SMI, Brian Seymour, said the new carbon emission figures had been calculated to demonstrate how Cold-Stop® can improve customers’ carbon footprint.

Mr Seymour said: “We have been able to show for some time how effective Cold-Stop® is in saving energy costs, which is why we number the UK’s leading supermarkets and many in Europe and across the world among our clients.

“We save millions of pounds a year for customers, but with the UK recently announcing the world’s most ambitious carbon reduction plans, to cut emissions by 60 per cent by 2030 on 1990 levels, our customers also need to demonstrate how they are saving carbon.

“Our latest research not only confirmed what we know about Cold-Stop®’s efficiency capabilities, it also specifically calculated carbon savings. These figures have been independently verified by  Campden BRI, the UK’s largest research facility for the food industry.”

The figures, based on analysis on-site of Cold-Stop® curtains in use by a major supermarket chain, show an annual saving in carbon of between 2,075 kg and 4,700 kg.

Mr Seymour added: “This equates to the carbon emissions of an average family car travelling between 9,200 miles up to 20,860 miles – that’s an astonishing amount of carbon not being released into the atmosphere, simply by using SMI’s Cold-Stop® as the thermal barrier.

“For large supermarket chains, with upwards of 600 stores each having two freezers, they could be saving in the region of 6.9 million kg of carbon a year. Even for smaller chains, they could still be saving literally millions of kilogrammes of carbon.

“These figures will help our customers see in black and white what their energy and carbon savings are, and demonstrate how the technology we have developed is helping the environment.”

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