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While the haircare markets remain in growth, the pace has slowed in 2013 as consumers turn to savvier shopping methods to secure the cheapest prices, and scientific as well as technological advancements cause a cannibalisation of product needs.

mintellogoIn 2013, retail value sales in the haircare market grew by 2.7% to reach £1,049 million, driven by a strong year of product innovation and advertising. Haircare products such as shampoo are also bolstered by their basic hygiene positioning, used by over eight in 10 adults.

However when compared to the pace of growth in 2012, the market has begun to slow with post-recession consumers utilising savvy shopping techniques such as stocking up in times of price promotion and switching to discount or online retailers to save money in the category.

Future growth is expected to continue at a steady pace of around 3.5% per year from 2014- 18, however, as savvy shopping behaviours become more ingrained, this growth is driven primarily by price inflation.

Some 37% of shampoo and conditioner users almost always use the same brand. As well as price promotions and offers tempting consumers, it is reported that shampoo should be changed periodically to prevent cleansing results becoming less effective. Brands can offer variable hair cleansing systems such as a “week 1” and “week 2” shampoo, using varied cleansing agents to avoid the need to change.

A quarter of women (24%) buy products which claim to mirror salon results, with those who look for salon quality results most likely to be users of styling products. Brands can use QR codes on-pack to help users find branded tutorials and styling tips, while websites can also offer users the chance to contact a stylist directly to ask for advice.

Scalp treatments are of interest to 19% of men; however as 17% look for the cheapest products, introducing individual application sachets can encourage men to trial products in this area. Individual use products can also circumvent any embarrassment over storing products in bathrooms.

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