Micro snacks are a must stock for retailers looking to meet shopper demand for easy-to-prepare ‘big night in’ hot food.


“When it comes to a big night in, consumers are time sensitive. They want food and drink that can be prepared and served quickly and conveniently and that’s where micro-snacks such as marketleading Rustlers come into their own,” says Stuart Meikle, Kepak Convenience Foods’ Channel Director.

“At the same time, they’re not prepared to compromise on taste or quality. Quick-to-cook Rustlers satisfies both demands. The range is ideally suited to the big night in occasion as all Rustlers products can be prepared in less time than it takes to boil a kettle, set up a board game or have a break during a halftime team-talk.”

Growing numbers of retailers are now using Rustlers as an integral part of a big night in meal deal, particularly around major sporting events that are guaranteed to attract large, in-home TV audiences.

“It’s easy to boost the big night in spend by offering shoppers complementary hot or cold snacks and drinks as part of meal deal. They’re easy to manage, guaranteed to increase sales and offer shoppers the value they’re seeking in the convenience channel,” adds Meikle.

Such is the confidence that Kepak has in the taste and quality of Rustlers that the company is rolling out its biggest ever sampling campaign, #FlaminTasty.

The #FlaminTasty campaign is targeting both gatekeepers with responsibility for the shopping basket and younger adults who are core target consumers.

“We know that when people try a Rustlers for the first time, it exceeds expectations and that’s why #FlaminTasty also offers shoppers our first ever money-back guarantee. It’s sure to boost demand for Rustlers for a key occasion such as big night in,” adds Meikle.


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