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Mars Wrigley is egg-static to reveal its 2024 Easter line-up, choc full of NEW product launches alongside returning best sellers. A total of 8 NPD are set to hit shelves this Easter season, including products from shopper favourite brands Skittles®, M&MS® and Galaxy®.

Total Easter sales including boxed confectionery reached an impressive £640 million CSV[1] in 2023, which not only underscores the economic significance of Easter but also highlights the consumer enthusiasm for the Easter occasion.

As observed in 2023, 42% of Easter sales took place in January and February, driven primarily by unplanned impulse purchases.  To maximise this consumer excitement, and therefore the revenue opportunity, this Easter, Mars Wrigley is launching its range of Easter products from as early as January, extending the Easter occasion.

As March unfolds, a notable shift in shoppers’ focus transitions from the initial early impulse treat to gifting and planned purchases. A substantial 74% of Easter gifting confectionery is typically sold in the final three-week period leading up to Easter[2].

Florence Kayll, Senior Brand Manager, Easter at Mars Wrigley, says: “At Mars Wrigley, our portfolio is underpinned by the power of our brands which cover all key demographics, and all have their unique role to play within the Easter season.

“2023 saw a large growth in shopper consideration toward Mars Wrigley Easter products, with over 600,000 shoppers exclusively buying into iconic Mars Wrigley brands during the spring period. More Easter shoppers added Mars Wrigley to their repertoire, and existing shoppers were adding more of our products to their baskets.

“Capitalising on this momentum, Mars Wrigley has introduced eight innovative new products to its 2024 Easter range. The move not only enhances the Easter experience for shoppers but also provides retailers with the opportunity to boost their offerings, and therefore maximise sales, starting as early as January.”

Self Eat 

Whilst the Self Eat category declined by 5.1% in 2023[3], Mars Wrigley bucked the trend and delivered a 4.7% value growth[4] through their Maltesers® Bunny range. With this in mind, from 1st January shoppers can act on their impulses by picking up a tasty treat, including the undisputed star of the Mars Wrigley Easter range, the MALTESERS® Bunny, as well as the market launch of the luxurious GALAXY® Creamy Truffle Mini Eggs|: Hazelnut, RRP £1.50.

The Mars Wrigley Easter range is incomplete without M&M’S® Hollow Shapes, RRP £2.99; returning for 2024. For those looking to break away from the conventional eggs, hollow shapes offer a fun twist to the holiday celebration. With a substantial 59% of shoppers under 45 years old opting to purchase these treats, they serve as the gateway to attracting a younger audience to Easter confectionery. M&M’S® Hollow Shapes offer a unique proposition with tasty M&M’S® Minis inside to drive extra shopper appeal. 

NPD: Large & Extra Large Eggs 

In the past year, the traditional egg confectionery market experienced a value growth of +1.7%, with the category worth £246m[5] as a result.

SKITTLES® Milk Chocolate Egg with SKITTLES® Bag, RRP £5.70: Embrace the rainbow this Easter with the SKITTLES® Milk Chocolate Egg. This egg comes with a bag of SKITTLES®, offering a unique contrast of fruity and chocolatey flavours that will leave your taste buds tingling.

GALAXY® Truffles Mini Eggs Extra Large Easter Egg, RRP £8.40: For those who crave something extra special, the Galaxy Truffles Mini Eggs Easter Egg is the ultimate treat; the perfect bite-sized pleasure for your Easter celebrations.

And that’s not all – Mars Wrigley is further bolstering its Large & Extra Large Egg offering with the introduction of its TWIX® Large Egg with TWIX® Bar: RRP £5.70, M&M’S® Mix Extra Large Egg with Milk Chocolate Bag of M&M’S® and Peanut Bag of M&M’S®: RRP £5.70 and MALTESERS® Extra Large Egg with treat bag: RRP £5.70.

NPD: Giant & Luxury

Giant eggs are the fastest-growing Easter egg partition (+59% YOY)[6]. In fact, they proved so popular that Mars Wrigley saw a 6% increase[7] in the volume of packs purchased per shopping trip in 2023.  These larger-than-life Easter treats offer consumers an opportunity to trade up and indulge in an unforgettable gifting experience. 

GALAXY® Caramel Giant Easter EggRRP £12.60: A true indulgence for caramel lovers! The Galaxy Caramel Easter Egg features a chocolate shell filled with luscious caramel pieces. It’s a perfect blend of rich, creamy chocolate and sweet caramel that will melt in your mouth.

MALTESERS® Assorted Truffles Luxury Egg, RRP £12.75: Dive into the Malteser Assorted Truffles Egg, an Easter egg that includes a variety of delectable truffles.

NPD: Large Sharing 

MALTESERS® Easter Mix, RRP £5.85: Combining the iconic lightness and malted flavour of MALTESERS® with the fun of MALTESERS® Bunny, this new mix is a delightful assortment that captures the essence of joyous spring celebrations. Perfect for the Easter egg hunt ritual!

Accompanying the NPD, 18 products are returning for 2024, including a host of easter eggs such as the MALTESERS® Truffles Luxury Egg range, GALAXY® Ripple and MALTESERS® Extra Large Eggs

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