The new MARS®, SNICKERS® and TWIX® bars are an extension of the existing portfolio, to offer a new reduced portion size of some of the nation’s favourite treats

Mars Wrigley today announces the launch of its new 100kcal or less range, hitting shelves from this week.

As Mars Wrigley’s top three most popular singles bars, the new range of MARS®, SNICKERS® and TWIX® will bring the nation some of it’s favourite brands in a new 100kcal or less format. Original versions of the bars will still be available for purchase.

Research ahead of the launch shows that consumers still love confectionery, with a 6% YoY growth seen in the snacking category but are increasingly conscious of the choices they make.1 Nearly 50% of shoppers consider the portion size of snacks when they are looking to buy and 1 in 4 say that calorie labelling impacts their purchase decisions.23

The new MARS®, SNICKERS® and TWIX® bars will retain the exact same recipes that consumers know and love at a reduced size. Whilst the wider industry looks at reformulation, 68% of the population have said they would rather have less of a favourite chocolate than a larger amount of a low-sugar chocolate.4

The new bars have a suggested RRP of £0.40 for the single bars and £2.79 for the multipacks, although exact pricing is at the discretion of individual retailers.

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