Primo is a contract manufacturer, specialising in a wide range of cleaning and chemical products.  The company, based in the East of England, leads the market by providing technical and innovative filling and packing solutions to its national and international clients.


Primo’s main markets are in the UK, Europe and Australia and the primary packaging service areas include blending, sleeving, formulation and pack design. Each manufacturing job fulfilled by Primo is bespoke to meet each customer’s requirements.

The company’s contract packing offering came about in 1995 when a manufacturer could not handle a certain product in its factory and needed a company who could. Primo specialises in filling strong chemicals so the company took this piece of work on. The business has flourished and grown ever since.

Given the nature of the chemicals used in the manufacturing plant, robust quality checks, sampling and testing is essential and implemented throughout the full process in line with fully documented audited procedures.

Primo invests in its offering to ensure it meets its customers’ wants and needs. Over the years the company has seen integrity of pack become more and more important to brand owners; this has led Primo to invest in induction seal technology, which means any bottle can be hermetically sealed beneath the cap, giving absolute reassurance against leakage.

Another recent trend is for finished product to be sleeved rather than traditionally labelled.  Therefore Primo has recently invested in a state-of-the-art high-speed steam shrinking line to offer this service. Sleeving delivers two key benefits: sharper printer quality and enhanced communication due to increased surface area.

Primo manufactures chemical products and environmental impact is a huge focus of its business operation. Primo works hard on all of its formulations to safeguard the effectiveness of the product, while ensuring it operates within the industry rules and regulations. It is about finding the balance.

Primo-Logo_with-straplineWith experienced staff, many of which have been with the company for 10 years or more Primo offer experience and expertise which is second to none.

Primo pride themselves on their passion, excellence, professionalism and innovation and every part of their operation is underpinned by the company’s ‘Making it Happen’ ethos. Their long term customers can testify to that!


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