Lift Safe, specialists in the supply of materials handling equipment and mobile work lifters, has lessened the load in the Coventry manufacturing plant of Mission Foods, a leading international manufacturer of tortilla wraps and flat breads.

20141104_155622As part of its commitment to safety, Mission was well aware that its staff should not be handling the larger, heavier, reels that the company had started to use for labelling its food packaging, because of the risk of back injury or musculo-skeletal disorders. Mission needed a heavy-duty lifter to pick vertical reels weighing up to 60kg each off pallets in the warehouse, turn them, lift them and load them horizontally on to trolleys to be taken to the food production area where the labels are affixed.

Parma Rai, Production Manager at Mission Foods, explained: “We were looking for an alternative lifting device in the UK that would be safe, easy to use and fit for purpose.”

Simple Solution

Lift Safe supplied Mission with five of its Lift & Drive Expando Turn Reel Manipulator lifters to handle the large, heavy reels. Using this manipulator, the reels can effortlessly, smoothly and quickly be turned through 90 degrees to enable safe, easy loading.

The lifting boom of the Expando goes into the core of the reel, where it expands to grip the inside of the core firmly so that it can lift it up to 1.5 metres high, turn the reel with ease and put it into a horizontal loader.

Parma continued: “We were impressed with the safety features on the lifters. The method of gripping the reel in a stable vertical position is completely safe, and gives the user a clear view of their planned route and the knowledge the load is secure. The equipment is also easy to manoeuvre around a busy packing hall area where there are several members of staff and machinery. With the onboard rechargeable battery the unit becomes efficient and cost effective.”

Lift Safe’s Technical Manager David Winterbottom said: “We pride ourselves on our personal service to customers. We always visit their premises, examine their concerns, suggest specific lifting solutions and then train their staff on the use of our equipment. We are delighted that Mission Foods is finding our products helpful.”

David Winterbottom, Technical Manager

Tel: 0161 626 9628


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