ITC Packaging is a manufacturer of injection plastic packaging, specialised in developing bespoke packs for the food industry. Customized packaging from your idea to the shelf.


The latest developments shown at their stand in Packaging Innovations were really amazing!

Revolution at the fresh section!

Danone chose ITC Packaging for this project to set a new, innovative world standard developed in total secrecy until now. At ITC Packaging our job was to create a thinwall pack in two formats – 125 ml and 500 ml – with orange-peel-effect IML labelling in photographic quality to increase the “appetite appeal” of this new product while generating impact and brand recognition. “Yolado” comes in 5 new flavours that are sure to grab consumer attention.

Productivity with less eco-impact!

A question of oxygen

Barrier labelled products can compete with traditional packaging such as glass and metal, in certain applications such as meat products, fresh-cut and pre-cooked foods, sauces and soups, baby food, pet food, cheese and other spreadable products, jams and jellies, among others. The barrier successfully shuts out flavours, odours and keeps in freshness. A world of infinite possibilities, thanks to LongLifeQ!

Convenience lid for Baby Food

Providing greater value is a present-day must, and even more so if it has to do with a product intended for baby nutrition. In this case, the project was to create a new lid with an integral dispensing system – a project that quickly became one of the major bids of the ITC Group for the future

blemil2“Ready to use” design

It’s a microwaveable individual-portion pack that even comes with a spoon – a complete packaging solution from ITC Packaging to allow consumers to enjoy the finest Italian recipes from Buitoni, any time, any place, ready in only 2 minutes!

What’s more, ITC came up with a packaging solution enabling pasteurisation and ensuring the quality of these authentic Buitoni recipes, guaranteeing maximum flavour by using materials with outstanding organoleptic properties.

Packaging for sandwich

The first sandwich pack has been launched with thin-wall technology in injected PP and IML decoration. The application process is unique as it is an absolute premiere in IML system designs, with all the advantages offered by this format. The design has been optimised to ensure perfect stacking and a high level of resistance, guaranteeing long-lasting product protection. The pack is based on the key concept, “less is more”, with thin walls under 0.45mm for minimal weight, thereby reducing costs and raw material usage, and contributing to the ITC carbon footprint reduction plan.

Trends and reallity: New honey pack!

The mini honey pack, It has a practical shape and comes in a “mini” version as well, and it’s already sweetening up life for consumers, with a 100% natural, healthful and quality product. It is manufactured in PET with a dispenser cap and a design that makes it look truly appealing, conveying all the sweetness it contains within.

The sweetest pack

The new powdered sugar package is a canister made in PET, meaning it is 100% recyclable and has a high impact resistance both during transport and later placement on the supermarket shelf.

BUITONIThis pack offers consumers an improved user experience in view of its size, shape and closing system: it’s a pack with a shape that facilitates handling and has three dosing options thanks to its PP injected cap.

In addition, this pack guarantees lots of impact on the supermarket shelf thanks to the sleeve that covers, protects and decorates it all round.

A complete packaging solution (canister + cap) made in ITC.

ITC Packaging


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