With increased demand resulting in the first growth in grocery sector sales for a year, businesses are hopeful that the 0.7% rise in the four weeks to March 28 will be sustained for the long term. Whilst these positive results were put down to the build-up to Easter starting early, it highlights how important it is for suppliers to ensure a reliable transportation solution is in place at all times, and is especially the case when demand is increased.


As a grocery product supplier, making sure that produce gets from A to B efficiently and on time so they can be made available to customers on the shelves is essential to the success of a business. If issues with reliability and products not arriving on time start to arise, there is every chance that contracts could be jeopardised, business lost and the future of a company put at risk.

Maintaining a fully functional fleet of vehicles is therefore vital; from small independent grocers who deliver produce around local villages right through to the corporate suppliers delivering to the largest supermarkets in the UK, vehicles out on the road at all times are an absolute must.

Regular maintenance of vehicles is key to sustaining long lasting performance, however it is also highly advisable to have a recognised and reliable supplier of truck spares and parts. An online supplier, EMS Truck & Trailer Parts stock everything from the TGA Series of MAN spare parts as well as those for Iveco, Scania, DAF and many more. With the vast majority of both truck and trailer parts in stock at all times, online suppliers such as this can offer the quick and effective solution to getting a vehicle back out on the road again.

Supermarkets are said to be ‘fighting back’ after a prolonged period of decline in sales and with the figures suggesting this too- a 3.2% rise on like for like sales compared to the same period to March 2014 based on a survey by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and KPMG- the shoots of sustained growth are starting to blossom. With food sales alone offering a 1.8% rise, the highest since July 2013, it would suggest that consumers are starting to have a little more money in their wallets and are slowly but surely returning to the supermarkets to stock up on produce- great news for suppliers up and down the UK.

Increased demand in store subsequently calls for increased demand from suppliers, so it’s never been more important than now, as the sector is starting to improve, that suppliers don’t miss the boat and lose out to competitors due to an inadequate and poorly maintained fleet of vehicles being in place.


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