Welcome to the February issue of The Grocery Trader, the monthly title dedicated to UK multiple grocers. The first month of 2015 is behind us: we’re over the Christmas/New Year stresses of keeping the supply chains filled and the shelves stocked with products. At store level the day-to-day challenge right now is the weather. But the bigger challenge for this industry is from the changing business climate, and all eyes are on how the major supermarkets respond.



FrontIn this issue we’ve got our latest quarterly feature on the Back of Store, looking at warehousing and logistics for supermarkets, Co-ops and convenience store chains. With spring just a couple of months away we take the covers off the barbie in our Barbecue feature, and we have a seasonal look at Spring Cleaning, in time for the first rays of spring sunshine to send shoppers out to buy the products they need to make their homes fresh and clean.

As reported on our front page, self adhesive tape manufacturer tesa has created a specialist task force to service the growing number of enquiries for its innovative Lift & Reseal reclosure tape. Since its launch in 2013, tesa® Lift & Reseal has gone from strength to strength and is now in use worldwide, with major retailers and brand owners specifying the system on a wide range of products and pack sizes, from small, high value snacks to economy budget products.

To meet the increasing demand, the entire tesa sales force has undergone specialist training on Lift & Reseal applications so they are well equipped to answer enquiries and offer solutions.

The latest product, tesa Lift & Reseal ‘Fresh’, has been designed for short shelf-life products and the in-line application works with a range of film based packaging solutions giving consumers the ability to reseal the pack for the lifetime of its contents.

Also on our front cover, as new research reveals just how much product packaging can influence shoppers’ purchase decisions, there’s a multi-million euro marketing opportunity that brands are missing – and it’s sitting there on the supermarket shelf. Tests by Shelf Viewer, a unique online eye-tracking system offered by Smurfit Kappa, one of the world’s leading packaging companies, show that branded secondary packaging is noticed by 76% more shoppers. The technology, which analyses 22,000 supermarket shelves worldwide, also revealed that up to 40% of a product viewed on shelf can be made up of secondary packaging.

According to Smurfit Kappa’s white paper report ‘Marketing on the shelf – exactly how in control are you?’ three quarters of shoppers don’t decide what to buy until they are standing in the supermarket aisle. Grabbing shopper attention is crucial in influencing purchase choice, and secondary on the shelf packaging can help brands do exactly that.

Have a successful month.

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