RB Introduces High Impact Packaging for the No. 1 autodish brand to drive further category growth

This month sees the rolling introduction of a new contemporary look for Finish, the UK’s leading dishwasher detergent. The new look will create stronger shelf impact, driving category growth by making the product benefits easier to identify, and encouraging  trade up to higher performance products.

RB recognised that the vast majority of shoppers find it hard to shop the crowded autodish fixture. The new packaging will resolve these problems by making it easier for consumers to quickly understand the benefits of each product in the Finish range.

This fresh new look will be rolled out beginning with Finish All in 1, where the new high impact packaging introduces a modified Finish logo reinforcing the modernity of the brand, and in step with the innovation the category leader constantly puts out.

Importantly the new design provides shoppers with clear direction on the front of pack as to the value added benefits of the Finish range via:

• Clear colour coding  for each product starting with All in 1 in red;

• A clear benefit statement at the top of the pack;

• A key visual capturing differentiation;

• Plus, a complete product story on the back of pack;

• And a tick-box guide to the range that clearly defines the credentials of each tier

In independent research shoppers were ‘wowed’ by Finish’s new look. As well as increasing purchase intent, brand recognition and ease of shopping the fixture, shoppers liked that the new look retained the elements they recognised from the brand leader.

The autodish market is currently worth around £234.9m, with dishwasher penetration increasing in 2010 despite an unfavourable economic climate. In addition, bucking the usual recession trend of buying cheaper products, sales of premium multi-benefit tabs have increased fivefold over the last five years. The growth in the premium tab market coupled with the bold new look for Finish, which makes the product proposition easier for shoppers to recognise, represents a great sales opportunity for retailers

Reckitt Benckiser (RB)


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