Christmas fun in 2020 sees us favouring devices over old-fashioned family games, but with so much festive fun going on, 41 percent of Brits said they worry about the safety of young children

After a year of keeping the kids entertained at home like never before, we approach Christmas, the time of year we all actually crave a bit of family fun and games.

A study by world leading battery producer, Duracell shows however, nearly a fifth of Brits (18 percent) said they will spend the day watching their kids like a hawk, and unable properly relax, taking away from the enjoyment of the day that is so important to everyone.

Although the study shows that Brits admit Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without family games (43 percent), this year they are shunning traditional ‘old fashioned games’ like snakes and ladders in favour of computer games, battery powered gadgets, and even drones, to ensure fun is had by all.

Powering family fun

As we admit to relying on devices more, whether that’s to power the games we love or to help us cook our festive favourites in the kitchen, it’s little surprise that in a year where the safety of the ones we love has been top of mind, keeping our little ones safe from household hazards such as swallowing small things remains important.

The study conducted by Duracell found that 41 percent of Brits said they worry about the safety of young children at Christmas with so many distractions and small things lying around.

While we are in the kitchen getting stuck into festive family baking sessions (21 percent), listening to seasonal songs on the radio (38 percent) and watching Christmas TV specials on repeat (32 percent) Duracell want to ensure that Lithium Coin Cell batteries are front of mind for safety first!

Powering safety

Duracell’s Lithium Coin Cells, used in so many of the essential Christmas devices and kids’ new toys, are here to help you power Christmas safely. Duracell’s unparalleled safety innovation for its Lithium Coin Cell batteries come in a double blister tamper-proof child safety packaging, with a safety sticker and an engraved warning on each battery. But most importantly each Duracell Lithium Coin cell features the new Baby Secure Technology: a transparent layer (in the shape of a half-ring sticker) glued to the backside of the coin cell, permeated with an effective bitter substance. This bitterant provokes an instinctive and inevitable reaction in babies and toddlers, making them spit out the battery should they accidently put it in their mouth. Duracell helps power the devices that make Christmas, ‘Christmas’, and help families feel assured they are protecting their little ones during all the excitement.

Christina Turner, Marketing Director at Duracell commented: “We want to help families relax into all the joy that Christmas can bring, without the worry many of us feel with young children around. 

“Safety and the health of our loved ones has been our biggest priority this year, so we hope families will be pleased to know that Duracell’s Lithium Coin Cell batteries not only make sure the devices that matter perform well, but help keep our loved ones safe with their unparalleled child safety benefits.”

Katrina Phillips, Chief Executive of the Child Accident Prevention Trust added: “By 5pm on Christmas Day, families will be gathering round their favourite games. While parents will need a well-earned rest, the little ones will still be into everything and putting much of it in their mouths. 

“That’s why we encourage parents to know the risks in their homes and put small things that can harm young children safely out of reach. That includes the batteries we’ve bought to keep us powered over Christmas. Fortunately, Duracell’s Lithium Coin Cell batteries have effective child safety benefits, offering the reassurance that busy parents need.”

Duracell Lithium Coin Cell batteries not only power the games, gadgets and devices we love and rely on at Christmas, and the rest of the year, but help ensure the grown-ups have one less thing to worry about during the festivities in any shape they might take this year.

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