There are different sleeping styles in which people sleep and this even affects their back. Close to 10 million cases are witnessed every year for people who suffer from back problems. For others who don’t suffer from the problem, need to take proper care of their back as it is one of the most vulnerable areas of ache. In order to do so, you need to select the right bed for sleeping and maintain the right sleeping posture. You need to select the right beds for better sleep as this is vital for your back health. 


What are the different sleeping styles?

  1. Back Sleepers: This is the position wherein people sleep on their back, which is good for the neck and back as there are no contortions forced. Your spine is supported perfectly. However, in this position, snoring is a common problem which occurs.
  2. Side Sleepers: This is the position wherein people sleep towards their right or left side. Normally it has been researched that people take a side during their conscious sleep. Doctors advise sleeping towards the left for pregnant women. The con associated with this position is when you sleep towards the left, it can put pressure on your stomach as well as lungs.
  3. Stomach Sleepers: This is the position wherein people sleep while resting on their tummy. Although this position eases snoring, however it can affect the spinal cord, by affecting its natural curve. This can cause pain in the lower back.

Right bed selection

The next most important factor associated with back ache is choosing the right bed style as a bed can cause severe back pain.

Here are a few points you need to keep in mind while selecting the right bed for you:

  • Selection of right bed: You need to make sure of selecting a bed which is comfortable. A hard bed will not always be the right bed. Many times people select firm beds, assuming they give perfect rest to the spine.
  • King Size bed: A bigger bed is always better, the reason is simple, a king size bed will give both the partners more space to sleep without any disturbance. Changing positions is also easy in a bigger bed.
  • Height of the bed: The height of the bed is another importance factor which needs to be taken care of. A bed with touching to the base or that at a medium height is best as you can easily get out off it.

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