To mark the launch of a new revolutionary cleaning product coming to the UK, Medentech (a leading supplier of disinfectant to UK hospitals) demonstrated the huge cost and space savings people will make if they replace their liquid household bleach with Clearon Bleach Tablets.


One 12cm tub (containing 36 tablets) makes up the equivalent of six bottles of branded liquid bleach but at approximately half the cost. To visualise the space this will also save you in your home, Medentech branded a 44-tonne lorry with a sign that read: ‘this truck contains 18,500 litres of standard bleach’ alongside a much smaller 3.5-tonne van branded with: ‘this truck is carrying 18,500 litres of Clearon Bleach Tablets’.

The tablets, which dissolve completely in water, also provide you with an effective product that can be used for a variety of applications. Just one tablet can be used directly in the toilet bowl or cistern, as an effective kitchen and bathroom spray, as a floor cleaner, in white laundry and as a general disinfectant and cleaner throughout the house, garden, pet areas and garage.

The diluted tablets are colourless, offer significantly reduced odor and are 100% biodegradable. Clearon Bleach Tablets are substantially less-toxic, less-corrosive than Chlorine Bleach and with a similar pH value to human skin, less likely to irritate.

With a range of benefits for the consumer, the tablets also offer huge benefits to retailers, such as:

– Generates new users – the innovative and environmentally friendly product will appeal to younger users in a declining category

– Increase in profit margins – the smaller container but higher unit price gives retailers a greater profit margin

– Frees up shelf space, which retailers can use to introduce other products

– Enhances sustainability – less packaging (encouraging consumers to recycle existing bleach/cleaning bottles) ensures a lower carbon footprint and less landfil demands

– Reduced fuel costs both to the depot and the individual stores

– Less truck journeys and government levies

– Take up less space in the store room and in-store shelves

– Longer shelf life – Clearon Bleach Tablets have a three year shelf life, unlike liquid bleach which lose much of its effectiveness within six months.

Michael Gately, Head of Sales and Marketing at Medentech, says: “With Clearon Bleach Tablets we are offering retailers a product that provides a more profitable, space saving and environmentally-sustainable alternative, which will breathe new life into a shrinking market. We are very excited about the future”.


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