Young people struggling to make ends meet have sparked the biggest home baking boom since the 1970s.  Nearly four in 10 more Britons aged 18 to 34 are now baking their own bread, cakes, pies and pastries at home than a year ago. The home baking market is now worth £628million and sales have grown by around 24% over the past two years, according to data from Kantar.

Home baking comprises a broad spread of products – at one end are traditional ingredients like culinary nuts, dried fruit and cooking chocolate and perennial products for home baking fans such as cake decorations and flavourings and at the other, hyper-convenient lines like baking mixes and ready-made pastry.

Back in the affluent 90’s home baking was a neglected sector that marketers reckoned was of little interest to the ‘alpha consumers,’ young adults with money to spend. Back then, it had an ageing consumer base and few brands were actually putting money into it. Now it’s a different picture entirely.

First, the healthy eating trend has encouraged people to think twice about cooking from scratch and home baking. Then, the growing army of celebrity chefs have made it more socially acceptable to use ready-made ingredients such as premixes in the process.

With this in mind, California Raisins are the perfect ingredient to be included in the baking aisle in any retail outlet. California Raisins are available in large format bags with a minimum shelf life of 12 months making them the perfect ingredient for keen bakers to purchase and store in their cupboards at home. California Raisins are also the perfect high quality fruit ingredient at a low cost that can be added to most bakery premixes. Whether it is to extend the shelf life with naturally occurring propionic acids or sweeten and colour the final baked goods naturally.

Successful premix manufacturers have discovered that California Raisins, not only provide a natural substitute for preservatives, but they also have the unique ability to maintain their structural integrity. This gives this little fruit strength to hold up in premixes. California Raisins are a natural preservative, sweetener, fat replacer and binder that can simplify your ingredient label, add value to premixes and help to extend shelf life.

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