Trying to catch the elusive sale is still the game that brand-owners play every day.

And on-pack promotions are one of the most frequently used methods of differentiating products in order to boost sales and win new customers for brands to get closer to via Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM). Everyone is looking at driving promotional activity online and that’s where multi-page labels score so highly.

Fix-a-Form from Denny Bros is the market leading multi-page leaflet label helping to communicate large amounts of text on-pack including brand benefits, cross-range product details, and multi-lingual information. Incentives such as competitions, inserts, vouchers, scratch-off panels, SMS text promotions, and collectables all help to win over the hearts and minds of those with spending power.

More than ever brands are looking to be bigger, bolder and more outstanding. Not just in terms of shape and form but in terms of the giveaways and prizes that are on offer, especially when the promos are linked to the web and SMS texting.

Nothing comes close to the excitement of instant wins and these can be easily facilitated by multi-page labels. Mobile phones have opened up access to internet connectivity and are aiding redemption rates which are now between 2.5% and 20% according to latest research.

Mobile phone cameras can now point and shoot at a 2-D mobile code to connect directly to a website and it is expected that these will be used more routinely in promotions of the future. According to experts at Denny Bros, we are relying more on technology to speed up the process of entering competitions and the ‘special codes’ make it all possible.

Barry Denny, Managing Director at Denny Bros, said: ‘More than half of FMCG goods are now sold on some sort of promotion. People expect money-off and multiple purchases as routine and so it falls to more luxury items to turn people’s heads and these prize giveaways need professional management to enable them to work seamlessly.’

Numbered promotions make these instant wins work and can include unique random numbers (URNs), variable winning numbers or combinations of the two spread evenly through the printing process. However, it is important that these campaigns are well thought through and professionally produced. There have been a few recent cases where less-than-perfect systems have resulted in huge embarrassment for promoters not to mention damage to goodwill. Just one example is that of a leading Irish airline which launched an enquiry after three passengers on the same flight each won a car in a scratchcard game worth £10,000 after a printing error was made in a promotion.

Denny Bros offers a one-stop shop for numbered competitions and giveaways and a new and highly-professional inspection verification system at Denny Bros is helping to deliver the ultra-clean implementation of such promotions. The new software makes further efficiencies in terms of the processing of the variable data to avoid duplication. It can provide customers with a definitive soft record of the variable data ‘live’ codes printed on the Fix-a-Form leaflet, or base-label, to ensure that the promotion meets with promotion industry standards.

This activity is clearly good for business, which is why Denny Bros alone has helped create on-pack promotions for brands produced by companies as diverse as GlaxoSmithKline, Unilever, Hamelin Paperbrands, 3M and Frü. Promotions can be centred on big sporting activities including football, rugby and cricket, seasonal products and, of course, on global events such as the Olympics 2012.

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