As the leaves fall and the nights draw in, there’s nothing like a Big Night In to keep the tills warm. Whatever time of year, shoppers love a Big Night In with family, friends or just their favourite person, and the Big Night In continues to be a major traffic builder and business booster, especially in convenience format stores.

In this feature we have news from the major manufacturers about how their brands can help pull in the sales. Here are some tips from the experts to help you make the most of the Big Night In opportunity:

Plan ahead: Look ahead and see what big occasions, sport events and TV moments are coming up, and put together impactful displays themed around these events.

Hot stuff: Offer a range of microwaveable snacks to meet growing shopper demand for hot, ‘big night in’ food that’s tasty and really easy-to-prepare for people who don’t want to interrupt a night in with family or friends by having to spend time away preparing food.

Soft options: Soft drinks and waters play an even greater role for nights in during midweek, as many people choose not to consume alcohol when they have work the following day.

Think big: Flag up the big brands and include sharing formats like large bags,1.75L PET bottles and multipack cans.

Alcohol Free alternatives: With nearly a third of Brits are cutting down, alcohol free is growing in importance and alcohol free wine in particular has seen a 31.2% value increase. Offer an interesting alternative and keep them coming back.

Cash in on coffee shop treats: Chocolate cookies, a firm coffee shop favourite, are also a take home treat for the Big Night In, especially for younger adults.

Focus on families: Sharing treats round the TV is very important to families, and popcorn plays a big part. The rise in popularity of home entertainment services, such as Netflix, forecast to have 35% penetration by 2020 is a clear opportunity for popcorn as the nostalgic cinema snack, bought by 80% of shoppers for the home cinema moment.

Don’t forget crisps and snacks: The crisp and snack market has moved on in recent years and the flavours on offer have become more sophisticated, but a staggering 82% of shoppers still continue to buy crisps and snacks on impulse, as a key part of big nights in, Stock the firm favourites and flavours.

Keep prices sharp: Savvy consumers expect to see a continued focus on price cuts and multi-buys for snacking products, allowing them to manage their weekly shop and still purchase their household favourites for their Big Night in treat, supported with the right range of price points.

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