kepak-lifestyle-4The economic downturn spells good news for the in-home movie and big night in sectors, with people spending more time at home in the evening, according to hot snacking experts, Kepak Convenience Foods.

This, coupled with the increased cost of living and difficulty in getting a mortgage, has led to more young men living at home for longer – and they’re big on movies, gaming and snacking. This has fuelled a rise in demand for hot snacking products bought by gatekeeper mothers.

This in turn provides an opportunity for the growing number of retailers looking to boost profits by offering hot snacking options that can be prepared easily and conveniently at home.

“People planning a night in, whether it’s a few drinks with friends, watching a movie or playing on the latest games, want tasty, filling snacks that are easy to prepare. That’s where hot snacking products come into their own,” says Kepak Convenience Foods’ Marketing Director John Armstrong.

“One of the advantages of market-leading Rustlers hot snacking range, the UGO’s Deli Café panini range and recently-launched Rustlers Hot Subs is that each product can be cooked in less time than it takes to watch a commercial break.”
The award winning range of microwavable panini, Ugo’s Deli Café, aimed predominantly at females, means Kepak now has the perfect Big Night In offering for both men and women.

Kepak Convenience Foods has backed its brands with heavyweight marketing and promotional support this year. Rustlers is the only hot snacking brand supported by TV advertising whilst UGO’s Deli Café has featured in the highly successful ‘Deli For Your Desk’ sampling campaign.

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