Nobody wants to see Crime Scene tapes strung across their factory. But without effective machine guarding, it is a real possibility. A split second is all it can take for an injury to occur. Personnel must be protected from working machinery – and SATECH solutions from ASG Services give employers the assurances they need to meet all their obligations under the European Directives on the Safety of Machines.


Machine guards are protective devices and systems designed to protect personnel against the moving parts of machinery involved in a variety of industrial processes. All SATECH machine guarding is designed and engineered to meet the latest industry standards – which means that ASG Services can supply current best-practice solutions to machinery guarding applications which provide maximum effective protection to personnel whilst maintaining machine functionality and productivity.

SATECH Machine Guarding equipment and systems conform to all current EN standards.

Through partnerships with consulting engineers and service companies, ASG Services is able to certify industrial plants and equipment according to all relevant safety standards – thus offering a comprehensive corporate safety solution for total peace of mind.

In addition to the design and manufacture of machine guards, ASG Services assists its customers to conform to the relevant legislative requirements by offering a wide range of supplementary services such as Risk Assessments and Safety Training.

Every installation is custom-designed by ASG Services’ experts to deliver the precise levels of protection demanded by the customer’s manufacturing and processes. Proven factory planning and management expertise guarantees that each safety solution will be exactly matched to those requirements.

All installations are based on SATECH’s modular panel system to ensure the most cost-effective result. However complex the application, the system’s simplicity of design based on a minimum number of components means the ideal configuration can be easily and quickly achieved. And as businesses evolve, the system can easily be modified or expanded from the range of modular components and accessories held in stock. Short delivery lead times are a given.

Panels and uprights are painted with epoxy polyester powder coating in standard RAL colours (RAL 9005 – 1021 – 7035) – but special colours are available if required.

Assembly and installation are provided through a national network of fully-trained and certificated assembly teams. All installers have been trained in the full range of equipment in ASG Services’ own in-house training centre, which also provides a range of courses to train customers’ own personnel to assemble the equipment.

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