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Visitors to Stand No H248 can sample Džiugas, the award-winning Lithuanian cheese currently gaining recognition and favour in the UK. Its distinctive taste has a growing band of devotees who all admire its complex but well balanced flavours. Retailers say it offers a valuable opportunity to create extra sales, either as a gourmet choice for a cheeseboard, or as an unusual but effective alternative to Parmesan. Džiugas has a taste that combines a savoury strength with subtle fruity overtones and a firm to hard texture that has a crystalline crunch inside its creamy smoothness.


Džiugas is sold at a variety of ages from 12, 18, 24 and 36 months. A recent expert panel tasted Džiugas ‘Picquant ’(18 months) and Džiugas ‘Delicate’ (24 months) and said Džiugas had a Parmesan texture and a taste that was similar to a Gouda, but with nuttier caramel flavours.

Another benefit from visiting the stand is to see the distinctive packaging, point of sale and merchandising material available. All reflect the instantly recognisable Džiugas style. Quality packaging and strongly stylish design makes all Dziugas marketing material as interesting and unqiue as the cheese itself.

Dziugas-logo-su-milzinu-baltameFind out more about Džiugas and its beguiling legend and discover more about its packaging, POS material and merchandising support at stand no H248.

Džiugas press office

Tel: 0207 689 5155


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