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Food operators must ensure employees have access to hot running water and soap whenever they are working with food to protect colleagues and customers.

BigSynk1“Supermarkets, convenient stores and mobile vendors working with high risk foods on a daily basis require immediate access to hand wash facilities as cross-contamination poses a real threat,” says Manty Stanley, managing director at TEAL.

“Safeguarding customers against bacteria is a top priority. Due to the high risk of cross contamination through the handling of different produce, customers are left in a vulnerable situation as germs such as E.Coli have sufficient opportunities to spread throughout the day.”

Designed to meet a range of logistical needs, TEAL manufacture a variety of mobile hand wash stations which require no access to mains water or drainage.

“Whether you need a unit in a remote area of a warehouse, in store or on a mobile catering unit, there is a model to suit every need so there is no excuse for poor hand hygiene and putting customers at risk of infection,” says Manty.

A popular model is the Super Stallette.  Completely hands free, it is lightweight and robust and features a unique blue sensor which triggers the wash cycle to deliver a low pressure 10 second hot water hand wash. Portable and practical, the unit is suitable for providing hot water hand wash facilities anytime, anywhere.

Similarly, the BigSynk® solves every hand wash need and its larger bowl makes it suitable for arm washing too. Easy to move and relocate to where needed, the BigSynk® has a fold away stand so it can be easily stored when not in use. Both units only need a 13 amp socket.

Alternatively, the TEAL Handeman® is perfect for any situation where a hot water hand wash facility is required but there is no power supply. Positioned on any convenient flat surface, its unique waste-safe retains all the dirty water which can be emptied when the hot water is replenished.

“Accessibility to hand wash facilities must be stepped up to combat germs and deliver a gold standard of hand washing and protecting customers,” explains Manty.

“Ensuring hand wash stations are well positioned and highly visible for staff members will raise awareness of how critical rigorous hand hygiene is.”

All units are available for purchase or hire and available for delivery across mainland UK within 24 hours.

TEAL will be exhibiting at the Food & Drink Expo on stand F278.


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