Asda has become the first supermarket to price match both Aldi and Lidl across a broad range of popular everyday products, further reinforcing its value credentials with consumers.

From today, Asda is price matching Aldi and Lidl on 287 comparable grocery products and has reduced prices by an average of 17% – to match whichever discounter has the lowest price on these products.

A host of core household staples such as milk, bread, cheese, tea, coffee, fresh meat, fresh fruit & vegetables, baked beans, pasta, rice and breakfast cereals are included in the discounter price match.

The new initiative adds further fire power to Asda’s established position as the UK’s lowest-priced full-service supermarket and means that customers can be confident they are getting the best prices on the products they buy week in, week out. Asda serves over 15 million customers each week in hundreds of communities across the UK and Northern Ireland.

The Aldi and Lidl Price Match will run alongside Asda’s established customer value propositions, including Price Drop and Asda Rewards – and means customers can trust they are getting the best prices by shopping at Asda.

The supermarket continues to add products to its M&S Taste Match campaign – promising M&S taste at Asda prices. Customers using Asda Rewards also benefit from adding pounds, not points, into their cash pots every time they shop. Shoppers have already earned over £300 million in their cashpots since Asda Rewards launched in 2022. 

David Hills, Asda’s Chief Customer Officer, said: “Asda has over 50 years heritage as the customer champion, and we understand we have an important to play in local communities to help families get the most from their budgets. We have launched Aldi and Lidl Price Match to help them save both time and money. Our customers can trust that they will get uncompromising value every day at Asda and George – on everything from food and clothing to homeware and Cashpot rewards, as well as the lowest prices on supermarket fuel. And because we know their time is as stretched as their budget, we’re making shopping with us as easy as possible – whether that’s in our large stores, our growing Asda Express convenience stores or online.”

Products that feature in the Aldi and Lidl Price Match include:

Product Old price New price Saving
Asda Mini Chicken Breast Fillets 650g £5.40p £4.32p £1.08p
Asda Whole Chicken 1.7kg large £5.40p £4.04p £1.36p
Asda Salmon Fillets 240g £4.80p £3.79p £1.01p
Asda Lean Beef Mince 500g £3.75p £3.49p £0.26p
Asda Extra Special Cheddar Cheese 300g £3.80p £2.99p £0.81p
Asda White Muffins 4 pack £0.80p £0.69p £0.11p
Asda GC Cereal Flakes 500g £1.40p £0.99p £0.41p
Asda Golden Tea Bags 80 pack £2.00p £1.39p £0.61p
Asda Easy Cook Long Grain Rice 1kg £1.50p £1.25p £0.25p
Asda Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce 500g £1.20p £0.99p £0.21p
Just Essentials by Asda Baked Beans 410g £0.28p £0.27p £0.01p
Asda Straight Cut Oven Chips 1.5kg £2.45p £1.65p £0.80p
Asda Carrots 1kg £0.65p £0.39p £0.26p
Asda Jazz Apples 6 pack £2.00p £1.89p £0.11p
Loose Bananas per kg £0.99p £0.90p £0.09p
Asda Steamed Veg Broccoli & Carrots 640g £2.50p £1.89p £0.61p

Aldi & Lidl price match

The prices of comparable products sold in both Aldi and Lidl stores are checked twice a week and matched to whichever has the cheapest price. If comparable products are unavailable due to size or weight differences, prices are matched on a pro-rata basis. Excludes multi-buy offers and ‘member pricing’.

Further details are available at Aldi & Lidl Price Match at Asda – ASDA Groceries

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