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Adagio Teas introduces a line of gourmet teabags that combine the superior flavour of loose tea with the convenience of a disposable bag. The tradeoff between quality and convenience, the dichotomy that the tea world has faced for over a century, has been resolved. Adagio makes it easy to enjoy both.

at_teabag_boxes_composite_v2-copyThese new bags have a unique pyramid shape, providing ample room for the expansion of the large leaves that typically characterise gourmet tea. This is in sharp contrast to the typical teabag, which contains what the industry terms “dust,” the least expensive tea grade. As such, ordinary teabags yield a dark colour, but little in a way of taste – a far cry from an abundance of flavour found in Adagio’s new product. The bags are individually wrapped for freshness and packaged in boxes of 15, retailing between £5 and £7.

The teabag is an American invention born of serendipity in 1904. A tea merchant, looking to save on the cost of mailing samples to clients, switched the packaging from metal to silk. Soon he was inundated with more requests for similarly packaged samples. Fortuitously, his clients mistook his cost-saving measure and steeped the tea in the silk pouches. Thus, the teabag was born.

“Our consumer culture prizes convenience above all,” says Stepas Parulis, Adagio’s Marketing Manager, “so it’s not surprising that tea packaged in disposable bags would win out over loose tea. Lost along the way was the quality of content that disposable bags provide, something our new product aims to bring back. British tea drinkers are in for a surprise. They haven’t had tea this good in over a century!”

Adagio Teas was founded in 1999 with the aim of providing consumers with unmatched quality and variety of teas. The company is proud to work closely with artisan farmers on selecting the fine leaves to deliver superior taste, freshness and value. Its products are now available online at and in gourmet and health food stores.

Adagio Teas

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