weetabix.jpgWeetabix are set to extend its range with the launch of Weetabix bitesize; exactly the same as Weetabix and just as low in sugar, but smaller! Weetabix bitesize is a major new launch for Weetabix and is being supported by a £2m advertising and PR campaign from September 2008.

The development of Weetabix bitesize follows an increase in consumer demand for healthier plain childrens cereal. Weetabix bitesize is low in fat and sugar and high in fibre, offering the same health credentials as original Weetabix.

The new format appeals to consumers who demand the health credentials of Weetabix but are keen for a more varied repertoire when choosing their cereal. Research demonstrated that mums, in particular, looking for a healthy cereal that appeals to the whole family, are currently frustrated by the lack of suitable choice.1

Tony Corp, Weetabix Marketing Controller, says: “We’ve introduced Weetabix bitesize to satisfy demand for a healthy classic family cereal that also has wider appeal. As the UK’s favourite breakfast cereal, Weetabix is a proven success. Weetabix bitesize adds to the strength of the brand portfolio and gives retailers a great new volume and profit opportunity.”

1 Out of the Box research April 07

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