YouGov’s 2021 UK FMCG Rankings reveal the brands with the best overall brand health across three categories; chilled and frozen food, dried ambient food, and snack food.

The brands are ranked based on their BrandIndex Index score – a measure of overall brand health calculated by taking the average of Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Recommend and Reputation scores – and are averaged over the 12 months between August 2020 and July 2021.

Topping the chilled and frozen food rankings and with the highest score overall of 37.1 is Cathedral City. This is largely driven by the brands high brand impression (46.2), quality perception (46.2) and customer satisfaction (45.8). In second place is family favourite brand Birds Eye scoring 34.0 with Lurpak in third place (31.0). Both of these brands high scores are again fuelled by high customer satisfaction, impression and quality perception, but Birds Eye is also perceived to be good value for money (28.4).

Including first and third place, seven of the chilled and frozen foods rankings are dairy products. In fourth place is Müller (25.3), Anchor butter in sixth (21.2), cheese manufacturer Pilgrims Choice takes seventh (20.9), margarine brand Flora in eighth (18.7) and the Seriously Strong cheese brand in tenth (17.5).

First place in the dried ambient food rankings is household staple Heinz Tomato Ketchup with an Index score of 36.5. Heinz Beanz also takes fourth place (32.6). Other condiments also feature in the rankings with Hellmann’s in fifth (29.9), Branston Pickle in sixth (28.6) and HP Sauce in eighth (28.1).

Britons maintain their reputation as a nation of tea lovers, with Yorkshire Tea taking third place (34.3) and Twinings in seventh (28.3). Continuing the breakfast theme, Weetabix (35.3) and Quaker (26.6) feature in second and tenth place respectively.

The snack food brand with the best overall brand health in YouGov’s 2021 rankings is Walkers crisps, scoring 32.4. Two other crisp brands appear in the snack rankings, Kettle Chips in fourth (28.4) and Pringles in fifth (25.0), while Mini Cheddars (who are found in the crisps aisles of supermarkets but are actually baked wheat based snacks) places seventh (24.1) and Jacob’s in eighth (23.9).

Cake brands take second place with McVitie’s scoring 32.2, followed by Jaffa Cakes in third (29.5) and Mr Kipling in sixth place (24.3) – all three brands are historic British brands founded between 1830 and 1967. The final two ranked snack brands are Häagen-Dazs (23.7) and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (23.2).

See the full rankings here.

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