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DŽIUGAS 1924, the award winning Lithuanian cheese, is now available for the first time in the UK. It is a cheese with a giant reputation. Not only is its taste legendary, but it has its own legend that it was first made by the Giant DŽIUGAS and his wife to celebrate their love for one another. DŽIUGAS has a reputation, no doubt from its giantish roots, for bringing strength and joy to those who eat it. It certainly has a distinguished taste which has long received praise from cheese connoisseurs and gourmets internationally. This year alone it has won international plaudits including a gold and silver from the Nantwich International Cheese Show, alongside an two star award from the iTQi (The International Taste & Quality Institute) Superior Taste Award competition in Brussels.

Dziugas-24-month-with-logoThe good news for UK retailers is that DŽIUGAS cheese is now available in the UK. A UK based sales team has been launched to support retailers and help develop the UK market, while a trade campaign is being launched in November with plans for a social media and PR campaign to start in 2014. Cafe outlets are also planned within the M25 region.

Available in 180g packs, DŽIUGAS is sold in maturations of  Mild (12 months) Piquant (18 months) Delicate (24 months) and Gourmet(36 months). The cheese has a golden appearance and aroma that hints at sweet meadow hay.  Initially it has a firm texture which hardens to a craggy crumbly mature cheese. While a 12 month old DŽIUGAS might be sliced, the 36 month old is ideally broken in to bite sized chunks which are ideal for making a gourmet snack. As it matures it delivers increasingly complex layers of flavour – all of which are distinguishable but stay true to the DŽIUGAS signature. Along this journey, DŽIUGAS changes from a creamily sweet youngster into a mature cheese with a savoury/sweet taste that is warm with elegant overtones of spicy fruitiness and the quality crystalline crunch of a gourmet cheese. While it is perfect for cheeseboards, it is also ideal to cook with and makes a great addition to a salad, in a sandwich or as a snack.

For retailers looking to provide a new addition to their offer, this cheese has much to recommend it. Behind an almost addictive taste, it has a strong and interesting history. The cheese has serious support as its parent company has a turnover of €1.45m, employs 1,415 personnel and has an annual cheese production of 17.675 tons. It exports a number of milk related products to more than 30 countries worldwide and also operates a number of retail outlets and cafes. The new UK DŽIUGAS Sales team are able to put retailers in touch with wholesalers and can be contacted on: T: +44 (0)7460333120


Tel: 07460 333120

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