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Teknovisio Oy (Ltd), the international people counting pioneer and an established market leader in Finland, is pleased to announce the latest version of its business intelligence software, Visit® 5.0 SaaS.


Visit® 5.0 SaaS converts business data into actionable knowledge. It is perfect for both large and small companies. Retailers and shopping centers alike can use it to combine information such as visitor flows, customer behaviour, conversion rates, average purchases, staff expenses, marketing budgets and other information, helping them to save costs and improve their business performance more efficiently than ever before.

Teknovisio has maintained a steady annual service contract growth of over 30% using its older Visit® 4.3 reporting software. Even stronger growth is expected, however, upon this new release of their new Visit® 5.0 SaaS software and supporting devices to count people, the result of several years of research and development.

The Golden Egg in the Business Intelligence basket

Business Intelligence is often associated with overwhelming amounts of data from various sources and endless reports upon reports, often failing to provide substantial information to be acted upon. Visit® 5.0 SaaS distills the essential information from all that Business Intelligence data: the opportunity, cost and profit of the customer visit. Teknovisio has developed a special method called Visit Intelligence® for this. Says Juha Ruohonen, an inventor and CEO of the company: ”Visit 5.0 is the Golden Egg in the Business Intelligence basket.”

Besides private business, Visit® 5.0 is useful to organizations in the public and governmental sector, such as libraries administrators of buildings and outdoor facilities. It helps to improve the cost-effectiveness of their administration while improving security and citizens’ satisfaction.

About Visit® 5.0 SaaS

A part of Visit® 5.0 product family, Visit® 5.0 SaaS is an online reporting and analysis tool that gives access to a combination of various data types. Merging this data together helps strategic decision-making, helping to save costs and improve business performance.

The main features of Visit® 5.0 SaaS are:

• Unlimited data sources of various types.

• Fully redesigned reporting and analysis interface supporting the Visit Intelligence® method.

• Fast reports for small or large companies.

• Flexible API connectivity between other data systems, such as in-house systems.

• Compatible with mobile devices and iPads.

• Available both as an online service and as an in-house installation.

• Direct connectivity to various third-party devices to count people, such as Brickstream or Irisys.

The official launch party of Visit® 5.0

Visit® 5.0 was officially released at a launch party on the 19th of June in the glass pavilion of a unique decoration store called Kasvihuoneilmiö, between the cities of Helsinki and Turku. The event was solely for invited guests and included several demonstrations and lessons given by recognized industry experts. Guests included representatives of Teknovisio’s Finnish customers such as CapMan, Citycon, Stockmann and Elisa Shopit as well as the chairman of the Finnish Council of Shopping Centers, lecturers from Åbo Academi and Aalto University Design Factory researcher, Lic. Sc. (Tech) Jussi Kuutti. User case studies from both retail and shopping center environments were presented, as well as a video greeting by the seasoned analytics professional and Super Analytics CEO Kalle Heinonen, explaining what Big Data means and how to find insight from it.

VISIT-logoRGBOther themes were the introduction of a recently acquired video image detection system called OTOS™, various devices to count people and a new video-based method for activation measurement aimed at retail, event marketing and specialty leasing.

About Teknovisio Oy (Ltd)

Family-based Teknovisio Oy (Ltd) developed their first visitor counters at the end of the 1980’s. After having delivered technically advanced security and control systems, weather stations and highway cameras the company refined its strategy and launched the Visit® brand during the year 2000. The next year saw the birth of the world’s first mobile data based visitor counting system, which since then started to conquer the world. Over 60 percent of the shopping centers in Finland use Visit® (Citycon, Stockmann). Teknovisio has patents in 20 countries and an international network of dealers. Visit® technology is now being used worldwide in nearly 20 countries. Teknovisio has recently been chosen to participate in the Global Access Program coordinated by The University of California, Los Angeles, hoping to steer the company towards further international growth.

More information about Visit® 5.0, Visit® 5.0 Saas or related hardware, contact:
Juha Tapani Ruohonen
CEO, Teknovisio Oy (Ltd)
telephone: +358 40 779 5162

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