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Union Industries, the UK market leading manufacturer of industrial rapid roll doors, is supporting a new temperature control system at ASDA’s Distribution Centre in Rochdale.


The Leeds-based company, which designs, manufactures, installs and maintains its range of fast acting doors, has installed two of its Eiger doors as well as six heavy-duty Bulldoors at the site at Kingsway Business Park.

ASDA’s new Chill Distribution Centre was opened in November 2012 and occupies a 43.5 acre site.

The two Eiger doors both act as an airlock with the Bulldoors helping conserve energy as it prevents warm air from entering the freezer, ensuring that temperatures remain at optimum levels.

The Eiger Doors work to maintain temperatures utilising their high speed opening and closing operation and the innovative dehumidification process, which prevents ice build-up on the door blade, frame and workings, and helps eradicate snow and ice forming around the opening and on the floors.

Two further Bulldoors were installed between the chilled and ambient stores to again prevent ingress of warm air into the chilled area, while the last two Bulldoors were fitted in the MHE storage areas.

McLaren Construction was the main contractor for the distribution centre in Rochdale, and also for another new ASDA DC in Avonmouth where Union have won a repeat order to install more of their high speed doors when construction is complete.

In common with the other doors in the range, the Bulldoors and Eiger Doors also features Union’s highly-regarded ‘Crash-Out’ damage protection facility, which ensures the doors remain operable if their heavy duty steel composite bottom beam is hit by a vehicle.

Andy Walker, ASDA’s Engineering Manager said: “We have dealt with Union for many years and have quite a number of their doors in operation on various ASDA depots in the UK. The quality and efficiency of Union’s doors ensure high levels of reliability which supports the ever increasing volumes serviced by our Distribution Network.

Neil Irwin, Technical Sales Engineer at Union Industries, said: “Our industrial fast acting doors have gained an excellent reputation in a range of manufacturing and distribution environments.

“Our clients have a range of requirements and issues which our fast acting doors can address. This recent installation at ASDA’s new DC, along with a repeat order for more doors for their south west facility, shows yet another example of Union’s adaptability to meet customer’s unique needs.”

Union Industries

Tel: 0113 244 8393


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