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UK brand Quenched fills gap in the drinks market and meets growing consumer demand

Quenched (, the UK brand producing award winning proper Lime + Soda, has announced its launch into Midcounties Coop. The retail launch allows Quenched to easily fill a gap in the market for a real, natural lime and soda while meeting consumer demand for great tasting soft drinks on the go.

Quenched is bringing to the UK a ready-to-drink proper Lime + Soda using real lime juice and all-natural ingredients, rather than a cordial-based mix. The drink still offers the iconic flavour associated with the popular drink; the first and only brand to truly nail the renowned taste.

Alongside the launch, Quenched is also further meeting consumer demand by releasing its cans in a 330ml format, joining the existing 250ml size. The new size will provide consumers with additional product as well as a more convenient way to enjoy on the go, as a mixer, as an adult soft drink and at any social occasion.

Launched into Midcounties Coop stores in October, Quenched’s range also includes the popular flavours of Blackcurrant + Soda and Orange + Soda, making up a range of great-tasting soft drinks that are packed full of flavour and real bicarbonate of soda for that refreshing finish.

The brand’s launch into stores follows increasing consumer demand for flavoured carbonated drinks and sustained growth of the soft drinks category. Flavoured carbonates grew 55% in retail within the soft drinks category in 2022. The introduction of a proper lime and soda drink that prioritised great taste was not only important to Quenched but consumers too with nine out of ten shoppers identifying taste as their most important consideration.[1]

The range is available in the founding flavour and award-winning Lime + Soda as well as Orange + Soda and Blackcurrant + Soda – another award winner of the range.

Mike Bate, Co-Founder of Quenched says Over a number of recent years, and having managed bars during that time, I became conscious that there was a lack of adult soft drinks available in shops, bars, restaurants and on-the-go, especially an authentic lime and soda.  I wanted people to be able to experience such a favourite and satisfying soft drink wherever they are, and so Quenched was born. At Quenched we understand the need for healthier alternatives to the usual carbonated drinks and also understand that this cannot be at the expense of taste. Quenched delivers just that, a Great Taste Award winning soft drink that can be enjoyed anywhere anytime and at any social occasion.”

The Quenched range is 100% natural with no additives, preservatives or artificial sweeteners with each flavour less than 69 calories. The range is vegan and vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free, while also supporting the environment with 100% recyclable packaging.

The Quenched range is being launched in Midcounties COOP stores (RRP: £1.40), and is also available online at (12 x 330ml RRP £14.99, 24 x 330ml RRP £23.99), Amazon (24 x 330ml RRP £23.99) and available to caters and health food stores via DDC Foods, The Craft Drink Co and CLF Distribution.

[1] The Grocer: Guide to Soft Drinks 2022

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