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Tropicana, the UK’s best tasting and most loved juice brand[1] is rebranding its multivitamin range and adding two new flavours to best meet consumers’ needs for immunity boosting drinks that taste great.

The opportunity in functional juice is to better meet consumers’ immunity benefits. ‘General health’ and specifically immunity dominate consumer health needs, accounting for 1 in 5 of their needs.[2] Vitamins are the no1 desired product benefit in juice[3], and category strength. Tropicana is taking this strength and leveraging it as a super strength to help recruit more mainstream shoppers to juice for their everyday wellness needs.

The existing flavour, Tropicana Multivit Boost, Multifruit, is available in both 850ml and 300ml, and is the no2 selling functional juice SKU in single serve[4]. With the introduction of two new flavours – Mixed Berries and Smooth Orange in the 850ml format, Tropicana will be able to scale this success, offering consumers more delicious ways to boost their immunity every day.

Each serving of Tropicana Multivit Boost offers 100% of daily Vitamin C requirements, along with essential vitamins B1, B2, B6, E, with an added inclusion of vitamin A in the Smooth Orange and Multifruit flavour, in addition to providing one of the recommended five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. These added vitamins play a crucial role in supporting normal energy-yielding metabolism, maintaining healthy skin and vision, and protecting cells from oxidative stress.

Elizabeth Ashdown at Tropicana Brand Group comments: “We understand that consumers are actively seeking healthier beverage choices to enhance their daily routines, placing a strong emphasis on prioritising their vitamin intake. Expanding upon the inherent health benefits associated with juice consumption, our newest additions to the Multivit Boost range will provide our customers with a juice option that tastes great and helps fulfil their daily nutritional requirements.”

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