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Thunder Toffee Vodka, the multi-award-winning toffee and vodka spirit, is arriving in Sainsbury’s nationwide from the 17th of September.

With sales of spirits infused with seasonal ingredients soaring last Christmas and alcohol remaining a star performing category for the festive season, the new launch is set to see sales soaring, as it arrives on shelves just in time to tap into the key occasion.

What’s more, as flavoured vodka sales continue to rise, having increased by 33% since 2019[i], and nostalgia continues to be a top food and drink trend, with 71% of consumers interested in buying and tasting the nostalgic flavours of their childhood[ii], Thunder Toffee Vodka’s smooth toffee taste stands it in good stead for sales success.

The award-winning toffee vodka is also ideally positioned to cater to the at-home cocktail boom. Having previously partnered with expert mixologists, who have included the spirit in sweet takes on the likes of the classic Caipirinha cocktail and one of the nation’s favourite cocktails, the Espresso Martini[iii], Thunder Toffee Vodka is perfectly placed to cater to the 37% global uplift in people making cocktails at home[iv].

Thunder Drinks says, “Our brand has a unique backstory, originating in the French Alps during the 80s and 90s when every bar worth its salt was creating its own version of toffee vodka as the go-to tipple for skiers and boarders. Our founder created Thunder Toffee Vodka having perfected his craft during his time as the bar manager at the famous G-Jays bar, nestled directly at the base of the slopes in Val d’Isère. With G-Jays becoming widely credited with having the ‘best toffee vodka in town’ and maybe even the Alps, it was clear our sweet serve had legs for sales success back in the UK, where consumers would be seeking it out after returning home. We’re delighted to now be introducing Thunder Toffee Vodka to Sainsbury’s and look forward to seeing it soaring off the shelves, just as it did on the slopes.”

Carefully blended for a sweet toffee taste with a kick, Thunder Vodka is free from any additives or preservatives. With an ABV of 29.9%, made with completely natural UK sourced ingredients, including natural toffee syrup, the premium five-times distilled wheat grain vodka is produced and bottled at Murray and Yeatman’s Distillery in Sussex.

Thunder Toffee Vodka, 70cl, will be available at Sainsbury’s nationwide from the 17th of September, RRP £23.00.

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