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Tesco is urging customers not to throw away Halloween decorations and instead reuse them each year. With only 40%1 of families reusing their Halloween decorations, the supermarket has added a message to the packs of own brand Halloween products: ‘This product is reusable, please use it again next year’ which will appear on products across the range.

Tesco is also continuing to reduce the amount of virgin plastic in its Halloween products by using recycled material in its range. Its trick or treat loot bag is now made with 100% recycled plastic with other items now comprising more than 50% recycled material. This year, Tesco estimates it has saved over four tonnes of virgin plastic being created for Halloween.

Tesco campaigns manager, Courtney Pallett said: “We want to encourage customers to treat Halloween decorations the same way they do Christmas decorations and use them year after year. It’s more sustainable and a simple way to save money.”

Reducing the amount of plastic used in its UK business has seen Tesco remove nearly 2.2 billion pieces of plastic since 2019.

Plastic removed to date includes:

  • 200+ million bags from deliveries
  • 100+ million extra lids from products such as wipes, creams, yogurts and desserts
  • 75+ million tinned multipacks no longer plastic-wrapped
  • 50 million pieces of plastic wrapping from cans of branded beers and ciders
  • 50+ million pieces of plastic from greeting cards

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