Purpose led drinks firm, Ten Locks, is launching its first own spirit brand to the retail sector this month with a fresh, flavourful climate positive vodka made with 100% British peas.  

Inspired by mother nature, planet positive Pod Pea Vodka (40% abv) is made from peas and tastes like peas. With sweet, vegetal pea notes, a touch of citrus, light savoury tones and a silky finish, Pod intends to reinvigorate the category by offering a flavour forward Vodka.

It will drive a new niche in the vodka category, which remains the biggest in the world with many new entrants similarly focusing on the flavour of the raw ingredient. Pod Pea Vodka has been developed to elevate cocktail making at home – be it for premium quality cocktails enjoyed at the end of the week or dinner parties and supper clubs. It sits at the heart of classic serves and savoury, umami-led drinks. Its arrival has been welcomed by Hammonds, Selfridges and Master of Malt and will also feature on Amazon.

Pod Vodka is aimed at consumers looking for authentic brands that do not compromise on their socially conscious habits and prioritise the three Ps; People, Purpose, Planet.

Using peas because of their great benefits to the environment, Pod Pea Vodka is fermented, distilled and bottled in Manchester using a bespoke copper still. It embraces flavour, local materials, ingredients, and talent where possible.

Becky Davies, head of commercial at Ten Locks, said: “We launch Pod Pea Vodka confident we’ve prioritised taste, flavour, and an unwavering belief that excellent ingredients can be sourced right here in the UK. We’re stepping out with a spirit that represents what Ten Locks stands for – a lively, truly modern drinks brand that raises the bar and inspires conversation while being tightly linked to our key brand pillars around positive change.”

Pod Pea Vodka’s bottles are made from sand sourced from the UK, to keep its carbon footprint low, and transition glass that would otherwise be processed further, resulting in the bottle’s striking and unique green colour that may vary from batch to batch. Labels are printed on wood-free, FSC® certified paper avoiding plastics and foils.

Davies adds: “Pod is perfectly positioned to recruit consumers from gin, hold the attention of vodka drinkers and attract established cocktail lovers, not only that but Pod Pea Vodka should appeal to the foodie and be a perfect solution for the ever-growing savoury cocktail trend. This year we’ll be working hard to bring the brand to life and bring the grocery and retail sector along with us and encourage them to give peas a chance!”

A modern expression to one of the world’s biggest spirit categories, Pod Vodka’s drinks strategy places the pea at heart, with the team developing cocktails such as the Petit Pois Fizz, Easy Peasy, Pickle Pea Martini, and a take on the classic Bloody Mary.

Davies concludes: “Peas are delicious and great for the planet. They feed nitrogen into the soil, which helps to create healthier crops in the long term. With Pod Pea Vodka we’re showcasing an incredible British crop in a spirit that is made as kindly as possibly.”

Ten Locks has curated a portfolio of spirits from around the world striving for positive change since launch in October 2020. Ten Locks has successfully established brands such as El Tequileño, Savoia Americano, Redwood Empire Whiskey and Nusa Caña Rum in the UK with its portfolio available in 1,700 on trade and retail outlets.

Pod Pea Vodka will benefit from a marketing and PR campaign in 2023 comprising news, sampling, trade activations and social media.

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