Last year more than 629,000 people signed up to the challenge to try a Vegan diet for the month of January*, and with Veganuary 2023 on the horizon and shaping up to be the biggest yet, Swizzels is offering its top tips for retailers that are hoping to appeal to customers ahead of the challenge.

In 2022, 83% of Veganuary participants planned permanent diet change*, so it’s essential retailers stock a range of best-selling, well known brands to entice customers.

Swizzels’ collection of chew bars is a popular addition to any retailers’ sugar confectionery selection. As the no 1 supplier of chew bars**, with four out of the top five chew bars produced by Swizzels**, stockists will not want to miss out on the opportunity to supply the whole range.

The popular range includes Refresher Original Lemon, Strawberry & Sour Apple, as well as the Drumstick original and Vimto flavoured chew bars.

In addition to the much-loved collection, Swizzels has also introduced a Minions-themed Tropical Fizz individual chew bar to the range, following an agreed license with Universal. This available now with an RSP of 15p. Vegan friendly, the product features a surprise sherbet centre encased in a tropical flavoured chew.

We have specifically seen a huge growth in novelty product lines, in particular our Candy Whistles have had a 94% growth***, whilst our Love Heart Lip Sticks have had a 114% growth***. There is a clear demand for these novelty products and stocking up on these countlines is sure to boost sales for retailers this Veganuary.

Another popular hanging bag product is our Drumstick and Refreshers Choos, developed to satisfy growing consumer demand for softer sugar confectionery products. The recipe was purposefully developed to ensure it is suitable for vegans, a trend that has continued to grow across confectionery.

Drumstick Choos provide 5 double flavour combinations including Peaches & Cream and Strawberry & Banana, while Refreshers Choos offer 5 fizzy flavours with the unique sherbet centre, including Pineapple and Apple. Choos come in £1 PMPs, so it’s important to display these prominently to attract retailers looking to add value products to their shelves.

Swizzels Veganuary sales were up 22% YoY**, so retailers should ensure they have stocked up on our vegan confectionery range.

Swizzels is in its fourth year running a consumer marketing campaign in support of Veganuary, with the key focus message: “All These, All Year, All Vegan” to promote the extensive range of vegan sugar confectionery, which Swizzels has to offer all year round, not just for Veganuary. This is also a great opportunity for retailers looking to promote a vegan offering throughout the year.

Swizzels top tips for retailers this Veganuary 2023

  • Prioritise stocking the right range of vegan Sugar Confectionery

Customers will be looking for a variety of products, from single confectionery to on the go pack formats to sharing bags. Stocking the biggest and best brands will drive a strong rate of sale and therefore profit.

  • Highlight value ranges

As over 53% are having to reduce spending to pay their bills****, value-for-money confectionery continues to be a hugely popular choice for shoppers, particularly as financial circumstances have changed post-pandemic.  Also, With HFSS regulations now in force in retail environments, stocking Vegan suitable PMPs will help to drive impulse purchases that will be lost from till points, free-standing display units and percentage-off offers.

  • Create a Veganuary display

To maximise sales opportunities, retailers should create a Veganuary display in a high-traffic and visible area during January, combining a range of ambient food products to prompt shoppers.

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