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The award-winning Danish whisky launches on Ocado, marking the brands first major online UK grocery listing 

Stauning, the award-winning Danish whisky, has launched on Ocado, marking its first major online grocery listing since its launch into the UK in September 2020. Stauning’s core range, Rye, Kaos and Smoke, alongside Bastard and El Clasico from the brands research series can now be purchased from with a recommended RRP from £60-£62 (70cl). Previously all SKUs were only available in specialist alcohol retailers such as Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt.

Launching onto Ocado comes as an important milestone for the brand as it continues its international expansion and aims to become more accessible to the UK audience. Stauning’s co-founder, Alex Munch says: “Launching into Ocado is a pivotal moment for us as a brand as we continue to grow in the UK. We cannot wait for more people to try our award-winning whiskies and to be able to share our story with people all over the country. We hope this launch will continue our journey of success in the UK and we are excited to see what the future holds”

Stauning Whisky was launched by a group of nine friends with a passion for whisky, with differing backgrounds – four engineers, a helicopter pilot, a doctor, a teacher, a chef and a butcher – who joined together to push the boundaries of whisky-making, to create whiskies reflective of their heritage with distinct Danish character. Blending a mix of old and new-world methods, Stauning whiskies are made from local grain, floor-malted in house at the distillery on the Danish west coast. Distillation takes place in 24 small copper pot stills which are direct-fired to create complex flavours, adding weight and character to the whiskies.

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