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Soft drink challenger brand Soda Folk has reformulated its Root Beer flavour to ensure it is HFSS compliant, ahead of the new legislation hitting in October and as part of a wider brand commitment to do good and support health.

Available on shelf within the coming month, the new formulation will see the sugar content of the Root Beer variant reduce by 63%. Taste tests that were run with some of the brand’s most loyal Root Beer fans found that 95% of them agreed that it has the same great taste or tasted even better than the original recipe. Notably, they also agreed that they would consume more of it, given that there is less sugar in it.

Alongside the reformulation, the new Root Beer will also feature an updated pack design, which will showcase a new person on the can, as part of the brand’s ongoing efforts to recognise and reward good deeds.

Every Soda Folk can features an unsung hero with a great story that we can be inspired by, encouraging us all to do more. The brand contributes financially to the good work these people are doing in the community or for charity and has them on their packaging to help share their stories with anyone who sees a Soda Folk can or bottle.

The new person appearing on the Root Beer flavour is Jim Elliot. He was furloughed during the 2020 lockdown, but instead of chilling like a can of soda he jumped in his canoe to begin a clean up operation of Grimsby’s historic waterway, the River Freshney.

Known locally as the ‘Canoe River Cleaner’, Jim’s voyage continues to provide a cleaner habitat for wildlife and a natural beauty spot that Grimbarian’s can be proud of. Jim replaces previous

Root Beer folk hero Brian Gravenstock, a Colorado Springs bike mechanic who donated finished bikes to those in need across his local community.

Simon Waterfall, MD of Soda Folk, said: “Our Coloradoan founder missed his hometown sodas whilst in London. So, he decided to make his own great-tasting sodas, and make them unlike any other in the UK. Root Beer was the first flavour he launched back in 2015. Since then, it has proved a huge success and is one of our best sellers. However, as part of our responsibility to do good and support health, we have been able to significantly reduce the sugar content and maintain the authentic flavour.

“The Americana influence is at the heart of our sodas but after the ode to Brian from Colorado, as a UK brand we felt the time was right to champion a UK based person for Root Beer. Jim is a great fit with all the amazing work that he does for the waterways in Grimsby. Supporting causes like these is what we stand for, as a brand that strives to be good, authentic and stay honest to our roots. We know this resonates with young adults and together with them seeking out great flavours like ours, we expect the improved Root Beer to be a big hit with shoppers.”

Soda Folk sodas are inspired by classic American flavours. They have the best and most authentic taste and are made with the finest ingredients. They also have the highest juice content! Plus, they are vegan and gluten free. For more information, visit


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