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Nicolites – the UK’s favourite electronic cigarettes brand – has today announced it has agreed a major deal with Sainsbury’s to stock its products at hundreds of superstores across the country.

chazThe multi-million pound deal is a huge boost for Nicolites and means that hundreds of thousands of shoppers will now be able to buy the company’s e-cigarettes at more than 450 of the leading supermarket chain’s stores.

Nicolites will be stocked in the health and beauty section of the supermarkets, said Nicolites’ managing director Nikhil Nathwani as he announced the latest in a string of deals involving the UK’s leading supermarket chains.

During October customers were able to get one third off the Nicolites range stocked in Sainsbury’s to coincide with the e-cigarette company’s nationwide Swaptober campaign which encourages smokers to switch to a tobacco-free alternative.

Nicolites is the UK’s biggest brand of electronic cigarettes, stocked by a large number of national retailers including Tesco, ASDA, Superdrug, Co-op, WH Smith, Martin McColl and over 10,000 independent pharmacies and convenience stores.

E-cigarettes are designed to look and feel like real cigarettes, but are battery-powered products containing liquid nicotine, which is inhaled as a vapour. They contain no tobacco and do not burn, therefore do not expose users to tar and other carcinogens found in normal tobacco cigarettes.

Nikhil said: “We are very excited to see our products stocked in more than 450 Sainsbury’s superstores in towns and cities right across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We are projecting sales of around £3 million at Sainsbury’s stores in the first year alone.

“I am of course very pleased that Sainsbury’s has recognised the enormous sales potential presented by e-cigarettes, and particularly Nicolites as we are widely accepted as the leading brand in a very competitive market place.

“Our sales have grown enormously in the past year as more and more people learn about the very real benefits that electronic cigarettes offer over tobacco and we have exciting plans to introduce more products and grow the business further.”


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