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Ravenwood Packaging is celebrating 10 years of producing linerless labelling technology during 2014 after breaking through the milestone of selling 1,000 linerless applicators. The UK-based company which has pioneered linerless labelling since it set up in 2004 in Norwich, Norfolk where the machines are still produced today. Its main headquarters are located in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Its customers span major supermarkets and brands including Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Morrisons and Marks & Spencer.


Two new concepts from the linerless professionals will be showcased by the company during its tenth anniversary year at Foodex 2014 at NEC Birmingham (24-26 March) and internationally during the autumn at LabelExpo  and PackExpo in Chicago, USA.

As greener labels are being specified by an increasing number of buyers as the drive towards sustainability and cost reduction gains momentum, the company will be showing its new ‘slideable’ labels which are made from thicker materials up to 300gsm. These are linerless labels that can be applied automatically by Nobac 500 applicators. Unlike conventional linerless labels they slide on the pack allowing the customers to view the product inside. The ‘slideable’ labels which can be produced 500mm x 200mm are sleeves with a difference in that they come on a roll.

This new linerless technology can allow for automated packing even with high numbers of products, such as freshly prepared foodstuffs and the ready-meal market, which is ultimately helping packers to speed up their lines. It allows for additional cost savings in that the Nobac 500 uses an on-demand printer thereby removing the need to have sleeves pre-printed which often leads to unused sleeves being thrown away.

Also new for 2014 is ‘skin pack’ labelling which can now be produced by Nobac linerless labelling machines. Nobac 400 and 500 machines can now be ordered with skin pack labelling capabilities to give products an extended shelf life. The main benefit of skin pack technology is that various products can be packed in fewer trays as the product can be applied to fit to a standard tray which can simply incorporate large and smaller items. Existing Nobac applicators can also be adapted to include the latest skin pack technology. A major benefit of Ravenwood Packaging’s new ‘skin pack’ line is that they have formulated the optimum material for ‘super-protruding’packs to include exceptionally bulky items such as roasting joints.

Ravenwood-linerless-labels-are-on-a-roll.Ravenwood’s linerless labels are now recognised as the eco-friendly replacement for traditional labels that carry waste-creating backing paper.

Commenting on Ravenwood’s ten years in the business and continuing programme of growth worldwide, MD Paul Beamish said: ‘Labelling can take many forms. Its main function is to give information on the product particularly as legislation is demanding more and more information is printed on-pack. So labelling is still critical and still works as manufacturers have generally moved towards the minimalistic with all the current green issues and the need for a reduction in packaging costs. More and more attention is turning to linerless labelling as producers and packers realise the benefits of cutting the waste product out of the packaging production process.’

‘People are really now thinking very seriously about the environment and taking practical steps towards sustainability. The ability of our linerless labelling systems to pack with paper, card and film all through the same applicator means that a different range of quality lines can be packed on the same production line throughout different times in the day simply by changing the material used. This flexibility and quick changeover means that line speeds are not compromised and that waste targets are met with ease.’

‘We are now moving into new areas such as fruit, vegetables and bakery products. Non-food products are now also being packed in the same way.’

Ravenwood supplies a range of specialist labels and packaging machines worldwide including those being picked up by a growing number of manufacturers in Europe and the USA including neighbouring Latin America where new legislation is driving the move towards backingless labels.

The company provides an all-inclusive, top quality service through a network of partners comprising suppliers Antalis, Innovia, Henkel, Evonik, and Arjo Wiggins; printers including Conver, Hub, Paragon, Reflex, St Luc, Le Mac; and worldwide agents including Lemac (Australia), GH & Phi-pack and VWS Nederland (BeNeLux), PM Digi OY (Finland), Ulma (France), Arca (Italy), Lexit (Norway), Grupalia (Spain), Packaging Solutions and Wexler Packaging (USA) and Label Group (Russia).

While most of its customers are drawn from the food industry, buying Nobac 125, 400 and 500 labellers and sleevers, the company has announced increased interest from other industry sectors including fresh produce, drinks, healthcare, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and toiletries.

Ravenwood UK

Paul Beamish

Tel: 07989 561718 or 01284 749144


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