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Nene Storage Equipment’s totally new concept in pallet racking and long span shelving dividers is set to transform picking areas in warehouses and stock rooms. Called the Shelf Partition System, the unique and adjustable system has been designed to fit any standard pallet racking or long span shelving and can be custom-built to suit any warehouse requirement. The system is suitable for use with all types of decking including wire mesh, galvanised steel, timber and chipboard.


The versatile Shelf Partition System has two ingenious channel tracks fitted to the back panel of the system which act as runners, thereby enabling the individual dividers to be positioned according to the customer’s specific product requirements. The dividers are quickly and simply locked into place with a specially designed alum key allowing products to be laid against the rigid structure. This flexibility maximises the volume within the Shelf Partition System thereby avoiding the wasted space that occurs with fixed divider systems.

Accompanying the Shelf Partition System are a number of shelf options which allow further flexibility for customers who wish to store smaller products or subdivide items for easy picking. The shelves can be installed at any level and are easily and quickly dropped into place or removed without altering the dividers.  Shelves are also available with a lip to contain product and with label holders to enable easy identification of products and stock.

Manufactured from galvanised metal and epoxy coated for longer life, the basic Shelf Partition System comprises of a back panel and five dividers. It is assembled in front of the pallet racking or long span shelving and then slotted into the racking or shelving system using metal latches front and back, which holds the system in place without any sharp edges to cut or tear the product. Extra dividers can be quickly and simply slotted in as required.

The Shelf Partition System is available from stock in standard options of 900mm for pallet racking and 600mm for long span shelving with other sizes available to order. A single pallet racking bay costs £130 with discounts for multiple purchases. Single long span shelving systems costs £85, reducing in price for quantity purchases. Shelving options start at £3 for the small shelves rising to £6 for larger units. Nene is also producing a Shelf Partitioning System for pallets costing £35 to include collar plus dividers. This particular system is ideal for quick replenishment of pallets and for part picking.

“With our exclusive Shelf Partition System, companies can put the product first rather than the racking”, said Brian Blakeman, Contracts Director Nene Storage Equipment. “Customers who have viewed the system are thrilled at its simplicity and ease of use. They have stated that it will make picking much easier and faster and will supersede traditional rack dividers.”

Nene Storage Equipment believes that its Shelf Partition System will benefit a wide range of storage facilities in a cross section of industries including retailers, supermarkets, manufacturing, builder’s merchants and stationery wholesalers. Not only will it make picking faster and easier but also help corral product thereby assisting companies meet health and safety regulations.

Nene Storage Equipment Ltd

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